The year’s most noteworthy new energy car BYD seal announcement came, wheelbase over 2.9 meters

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 354 batch of the announcement of road motor vehicle production enterprises and products, we found one product model for BYD7006BEVA (BYD7006BEVA1 / BYD7006BEVA2) models, byd Ocean released in November last year – X concept car production version,It’s called the Seal, and it’s got some important information.Too handsome!Byd Seal is haiyang’s first B-class pure electric model. The seal symbolizes speed, strength and flexibility, as well as physique.Looking at the images in the announcement, it’s not hard to see how sealleopard has recreated the Ocean-X concept car.It can be said that this is the further development of BYD’s “Marine aesthetics” design concept.Not only is the seal sharp in shape, but its low-lying posture also portrays the speed of a coupe.Its body proportion is very harmonious, the lines stretch smoothly, and the roof arc of the sliding back makes people look impressive.The seal is rich in detail, with the shape of the front lights matching the steering light in the rearview mirror.The enclosed grille is decorated with water ripples on both sides, and similar styling is used on the rear of the front wheel arch.The seal’s D-pillar will provide two styles of triangular window trim.Hidden door handles have a pop-up design that is very technological and helps reduce wind resistance.Viewed from this Angle, the seal skirt is shaped to evoke the jet propulsion of a ship, with a strong sense of speed.The optional picture information also shows that seal has three types of wheels, which are very characteristic.Even the brake calipers are available in a variety of colors, which is definitely good news for younger users who value individuality.Seal will be available in 225/50 R18 or 235/45 R19 specifications, the latter with an ultra-low flat ratio that gives the user a more direct road feel.The seal’s body size is 4,800 x 1,875 x 1,460mm.Its wheelbase is an astonishing 2,920mm, up to the standard of traditional C-class cars.Among them, the parameters of body width, height and wheelbase are even better than audi A4L and have obvious advantages compared with Tesla Model 3.It is not hard to imagine that the seal will have a large and comfortable interior space for the occupants to bring a pleasant ride.Senior!Seal will adopt rear-drive/four-wheel drive power architecture as the first pure electric B-class sedan built by E Platform 3.0, giving full play to the technical advantages of flexible layout of pure electric exclusive platform.In particular, the Seal uses the rear-drive/four-wheel-drive power layout of a luxury sports sedan.This is the first time for BYD to adopt this form of power layout, as an important breakthrough in product architecture, but also means that the Seal will focus on the sense of sport, and in terms of driving texture, driving fun, to bring users high-performance, high-quality sports car experience.According to the announcement, the maximum power of the seal rear-drive motor has two versions, respectively 150kW and 230kW. The maximum total power of the four-wheel drive motor with the top is 390kW (front: 160kW, rear: 230kW).Combined with the information revealed by the optional labeling, we can conclude that with the efficient drive form, the seal four-wheel drive version has an acceleration time of only 3.8 seconds from 0-100km/h.To achieve that performance by petrol-car standards, a B-segment would need at least a 500-horsepower V8.In addition, we noted that the seal’s body weight comes in three different versions at 1,885kg, 2,015kg and 2,150kg.That means the rear-drive model will come with two battery packs in addition to the heaviest all-wheel-drive model, which is rumored to have a maximum range of 700km.Considering the product strength of seal, the price range of 220-280,000 yuan is relatively reasonable.The seals will be manufactured at BYD’s Changzhou plant, according to the announcement.With an annual production capacity of 400,000 units, the plant can provide sufficient supply for seals.Byd SEAL is haiyang’s first pure electric B-class car, as well as BYD’s first rear-drive/four-wheel-drive power architecture mass production car featuring driving fun and advanced sense.Given the timing, it is highly likely that the seal will be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show next month.