Spring Walking grassroots armed police detachment huaihua: during the Spring Festival so that the military family received a handwritten letter home

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Everyone took pictures with letters from home that were to be sent out.Handwritten letters are warmer.Rednet moment February 4 – (reporter Chen Zonghao correspondent Liu Yinlou Zhou Yan) “I think it is the right choice to send him to the army, I hope the army can further help him grow up.”Recently, armed police huaihua detachment Hongjiang squadron recruits Cao Huaizheng’s father sent a message to the squadron political instructor, told his son sent home after the excited mood.It is understood that on the eve of the Spring Festival, the Armed police Detachment of Huaihua organized the general grassroots officers and soldiers to carry out the activity of “writing letters home, reporting peace, sending thoughts and faxing”.Detachment leaders hope that the officers and men through the way of home letters, usually deep in the heart dare not or embarrassed to say face to face, to distant relatives heartily confide, with the letter paper will be true feelings to care about their family hands.Cao Huaizheng’s father told reporters that he was very grateful to the army for the training of his son, as a father, so many years or the first time to receive a handwritten letter from his son.At that moment, the whole family felt relieved and proud. They all felt that their child had really grown up after joining the army.When referring to his son’s letter about daily life in the unit, especially the rich cultural life, he said that although his son will not be able to return home during the Spring Festival, the whole family supports his son to stay on the battlefield and serve with peace of mind.”We believe that the letters they write today will be a valuable asset to their military career and the feelings they express will endure even after the passage of time and even after they have taken off the uniform.”Armed police detachment of huaihua political work director Chen Lei said.It is reported that during the Spring Festival, the Armed police detachment of Huaihua also carried out a variety of cultural and sports activities, including video remote New Year greetings, send blessings and other forms, to help the new recruits adapt to the life of the grassroots army as soon as possible.Source: Rednet author: Chen Zonghao liu Yinlou Zhou Yan Editor: Gao Qin This article is an original article of Hunan Channel. Please attach the link of the original source and this statement.This paper links: https://hn.rednet.cn/content/2022/02/04/10841307.html, all peer originator, hail to the original