I went to the Universiade licensing distribution center and was blown away

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The most painful thing in the world is what you want.The goods!!And the world’s longest wait than you buy “Rong Bao” is in delivery……Rong Bao peripheral sales continue to rise a number of products upgrade “explosive” more and more fans private message backstage: a full set of Rong Bao peripheral where to buy?Xinxinnianxian rong Bao from where delivery?Is it too late to hoard treasure?Today xiaobian take you to explore the universiade licensed commodity distribution center on-site chasing “treasure” delivery!The delivery!The delivery!Staff are on the packing in a “boxes” rong bao is hurtling towards you to look at the shelf, maybe one of the box is how much you would like your order of rong bao rong bao “sweet” of “cool” to stop within the figure according to @ the bear at the moment whether your heart has begun to “cloud” killing “the fawn disorderly bump” happiness has shifted to offline you can photograph foreverLetter “giant panda family” from the 1990 Beijing Asian games “hope” to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games “fuwa jingjing” to the Beijing Olympics “ice mound mound” chengdu universiade “rong bao” “giant panda family” repeatedly “scary” as China’s endorsement is darling panda powder “” who can repeatedly rejected both at home and abroad can be lovely giant pandas love to buy it!Buy it!Buy it!Xiaobian pro test into “treasure” not to lose this selected Rong Bao good things to take away not Xie Rong Bao figurines you deserve to have desktop decoration not to miss Rong Bao show eighteen martial arts from the ancient “tide” to today,The tide YYDS to draw is fate more universiade good things out in the universiade official micro store left left universiade souvenir shops (chengdu) and the universiade merchandise retail store waiting for you to explore ~ – END – words | yan-xia li editor review | | zhang hao deng in the autumn