Baodi District Committee held a meeting

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On February 10th afternoon, district party committee standing committee meeting, communicate learning to carry out the important instructions of the xi jinping, general secretary of audit work spirit and the national audit work conference, the key project in zhuhai site dasheng spirit, convey the study and implement the superior of new era to strengthen and improve the talent work, strengthen the new era of the opinions of the honest cultural construction, to deploy the related work.District party secretary Yin Xiangjie presided over the meeting.Guo Kangwei, deputy secretary and Head of the District Committee, Li Dongsheng, director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress, Li Xijun, deputy Secretary of the District Committee and other members of the Standing Committee of the District Committee attended the meeting.The meeting stressed strengthening the Party’s leadership throughout all aspects and the whole process of audit work, and building a centralized, unified, comprehensive, authoritative and efficient audit supervision system.We need to focus on the central work of the region and major issues concerning economic and social development and the fundamental interests of the people, focus on the real and legitimate benefits of fiscal and financial revenues and expenditures, pay close attention to government debt risks, strengthen the deterrent effect of auditing, and exert oversight power.We should continue to strengthen education and training, improve the law-based, scientific and professional level of audit work, and enhance the ability of big data audit, so as to ensure that all audits are thoroughly reviewed and all audits are strictly conducted.The meeting pointed out that just after the Spring Festival, the city held the on-site office meeting of key projects, reflecting the work style and hard work spirit of seizing the moment and waiting for no time.To earnestly implement the deployment of the Municipal Party committee and the municipal government, wholeheartedly into the project construction work, in order to complete the tasks of the year from a good step, a good start.We need to change our thinking, innovate new measures, deepen reform to delegate power, improve regulation and services, and continue to improve the business environment.We should make good use of the mode of “small contingent assault + large regiment operation” to increase the assessment of investment attraction and ensure that all departments at all levels have pressure and motivation.It is necessary to consolidate and contract the responsibility, to check the standards of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and to organize regular on-site office work in combination with the mechanism of coordinated promotion of key work and guarantee of key projects by district-level leaders, so as to exert all efforts to promote the implementation of projects.The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to grasp the deployment requirements of talent work in the new era, strengthen publicity, education and policy interpretation, and deliver a clear guidance of talent to the whole society.We should deepen the reform of the system and mechanism of talent development, improve the mechanism of talent introduction, training, selection, use, management and service, and make overall plans and joint efforts to promote, effectively seize the “first resource” and do a good job in baodi.We should make full use of the resources of the pilot cities of “Science and Innovation China”, build the innovation and entrepreneurship alliance of intelligent and connected automobile talents and other carriers, and create a good environment of talent awareness, love, value and respect with the best policies, the most practical measures and the best services.The meeting stressed that the construction of clean culture is a long-term work of infiltrating people.To consolidate the achievements of party history learning and education, from the red culture, fan culture, folk art culture and other excellent culture mining and refining of the incorruptibility elements, play the role of various media, to carry out the promotion of integrity, against corruption and other themes of the publicity activities, to preserve the good environment of wind and clean atmosphere.We should adhere to the combination of self-discipline and heteronomy, and reflect strict requirements in the training, selection, management and use of cadres.To improve the overall planning and coordination mechanism, form a joint force of party organizations at all levels with their respective responsibilities and joint efforts to build a clean baodi.The meeting also examined other matters.Source: net xin baodi