Zhang Chu and Letter, is the flash of the band variety effect of the two big treasure, but respectively represent two extremes

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The last issue of the shining band was a special issue of the Spring Festival. We temporarily broke away from the competition mode and had a series of activities such as games and dinner parties. The atmosphere was very happy and harmonious.After several episodes of recording, each singer from the original strange and stiff, to now familiar with each other, we are more tacit understanding of each other, and have a relatively three-dimensional understanding of others.Although it is a New Year special, there are also a lot of scenes and a sense of variety.Zhang Zhenyue looking for everyone to sing, as well as the link of guessing songs, have left a deep impression on people.Although young people are supposed to be more energetic, many young people in this program are relatively low-key and introverted, not daring to make too much publicity in front of many seniors.For example, Wang Jingwen, Li Runqi, Hu Yutong, jiao Maiqi are so.But the most part, but that several old artists, such as Yang Kun, Zhang Zhenyue.Of course, the most obvious are Xin and Zhang Chu.These two can be regarded as the flash of the band, variety effects of the two big treasure, or even two big magic weapons.Whenever there are two of them in the small scene, variety effect absolutely pull full, will not let a person down.Especially at the end of the dinner link, usually no intersection of two people actually came to a direct dialogue, directly burst into laughter.Hua Shao asked everyone to talk about their New Year’s resolutions.Shin said he wanted to show his positive energy in the New Year.But at this time Zhang Chu with a wry tone well shouted, and then everyone’s eyes are gathered on him, followed by the whole audience burst into laughter.Pretending to be angry, Shin got up to find fault with Zhang Chu and was held back by the others.It was arguably the liveliest scene of the night.Hua Shao said a word to Zhang Chu: “You have officially entered the entertainment circle from the rock circle.”In fact, the audience familiar with Zhang Chu, it is hard to imagine that he would participate in such a mainstream music variety show.In the first few programs, Zhang Chu did show the temperament and mainstream variety.But to tell the truth, the program invited Zhang Chu, he wanted this point.You’ve seen so many sophisticated, slick variety houses, they’re hard to surprise.And zhang Chu’s arrival resembles a bombshell, let the band of flash lifted different waves.It can be said that Zhang Chu, who seems to have no sense of variety, contributed the biggest variety effect to this program.As for Shin, we all know he was born to be a stooge.In the program, he continued to play strange, Shang Wenjie once commented that with the letter can not work properly.Obviously, the people who believe in the program are neurotic, not serious, and eliminate all seriousness.Of course, variety shows need such people.Although zhang Chu and Xin are both the Kings of variety effects, they belong to two completely different extremes.Let’s look at the letter first.As I said before, a letter is never serious once it’s opened.So don’t expect him to tell you anything that’s important.But this energy builds up to a point where, if reversed, the effect is immediate.For example, shin expressed his New Year’s resolutions with a serious and pious face, and said very serious words.This is like a usually crazy person, suddenly give you deep play, will frighten you.And Zhang Chu a sigh sigh, instantly let the letter of the field of energy broken.In fact, this is zhang Chu’s variety effect output way.This voice of ridicule, let any other person present to give out, would not have such a good effect, only Zhang Chu can.Because we have been familiar with and accustomed to that in the program low-key introverted calm Zhang Chu.When there was any activity at ordinary times, Zhang Chu always hid behind and did not come out, looking like a worldly sage.But be such person, do not make sound easily at ordinary times, want to make sound only, it is explosive level.Just like a person usually silent, quiet, honest, but suddenly gave everyone a joke, this contrast of shock, others can not do.So Zhang Chu and the letter is this program variety effect trump card guarantee.What we have been waiting for, in fact, is a careless letter, serious once;Stern zhang Chu, joke once.These two moments, the variety effect must have been full.And what’s more, on the show, those two moments become one.In fact, they both know how to play.