Three departments: strengthen the supervision of futures market and improve the reasonable pricing mechanism of iron ore

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PRC Beijing Feb. 8 (xinhua ShenJiaPing) according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology news website, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the ecological environment recently jointly issued by the “about promoting the development of high quality iron and steel industry guidelines” (hereinafter referred to as the “guidelines”), which is put forward to improve the iron ore futures market construction, strengthen the supervision of the futures market,We will improve the mechanism for reasonable pricing of iron ore.The guidelines require that by 2025, the iron and steel industry should basically form a high-quality development pattern featuring reasonable layout and structure, stable resource supply, advanced technology and equipment, prominent quality brands, high intelligence level, strong global competitiveness and green, low-carbon and sustainable development.These include five targets.First, China’s innovation capacity has significantly increased.The r&d investment intensity of the industry is striving to reach 1.5%, and breakthroughs have been made in advanced technologies such as hydrogen metallurgy, low-carbon metallurgy, clean steel smelting, thin strip casting and rolling, and endless rolling.The numerical control rate of key processes reaches about 80%, the digital rate of production equipment reaches 55%, and more than 30 intelligent factories are built.Second, the industrial structure continued to improve.The level of industrial agglomeration has significantly improved, and the concentration of the steel industry has significantly increased.The process structure is obviously optimized, and the output of eAF steel accounts for more than 15% of the total output of crude steel.The distribution structure has become more reasonable, and the supply and demand of the steel market has basically reached a dynamic balance.Third, we deepened green and low-carbon development.We will establish a resource recycling system with coupled industrial development, upgrade over 80 percent of steel production capacity to achieve ultra-low emissions, cut overall energy consumption per ton of steel by more than 2 percent, and reduce water resource intensity by more than 10 percent, so as to ensure that carbon emissions peak by 2030.Fourth, resource security improved significantly.The capacity, scale and intensification of domestic iron mines have been greatly improved. The scrap recovery and processing system has been basically improved, and the utilization level has been significantly improved. The amount of scrap resources used by the iron and steel industry has reached more than 300 million tons.Fifth, the quality of supply continued to improve.The supply capacity of high-end steel products has been greatly enhanced, the variety and quality of steel products have been upgraded, and about five kinds of key steel materials have been broken every year, forming a number of enterprise brands and product brands with great international influence.The guidelines set out major tasks in 12 areas.It emphasized that new steel production capacity should be strictly prohibited.We will resolutely curb the blind construction of steel smelting projects, strictly implement laws, regulations and policies on capacity replacement, project filing, environmental impact assessment, emission permits, and energy assessment, and prohibit the expansion of steel capacity in the name of machining, casting, and ferroalloy.We will strictly enforce laws and regulations on environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety, and technology, use comprehensive standards to eliminate outdated production facilities in accordance with laws and regulations, and prevent the resurgence of “floor bars and steel” and the resumption of overcapacity.At the same time, we will promote enterprise mergers and reorganizations.We will encourage leading enterprises in the industry to carry out mergers and reorganizations, and build a number of world-class and super-large steel enterprise groups.Relying on the industry advantages of enterprises, in stainless steel, special steel, seamless steel pipe, cast pipe and other fields to cultivate 1-2 professional leading enterprises.We will further promote green and low-carbon development.We will implement the plan for peaking carbon emissions in the steel industry, and coordinate efforts to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.We will support the establishment of a low-carbon metallurgy innovation alliance, formulate an action plan for hydrogen metallurgy, and accelerate the r&d and application of low-carbon smelting technologies.We will support the establishment of a data management system for carbon emissions in the whole process of steel production, and participate in the trading of carbon emission rights nationwide.We will also vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing.In the steel industry intelligent manufacturing plan of action, to promote 5 g, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, the commercial passwords, digital twin technology applied in the steel industry, breakthrough in the field of iron ore mining, iron and steel production a batch of key generic technology, intelligent manufacture to select a number of application scenarios, foster a batch of high level professional system solutions provider.In addition, the guideline calls for improving resource security capabilities.Make full use of both domestic and international markets and resources to establish a stable and reliable diversified raw material supply system.To strengthen the basic guarantee capacity of domestic mineral resources, promote the development of resources in key domestic mines, support the construction of smart mines and green mines, strengthen standardized management of the iron ore industry, and establish a system of iron ore production capacity reserve and mineral origin reserve.We will promote the comprehensive separation and utilization of refractory ore, and promote the comprehensive development and utilization of vanadium titanium magnetite.Encourage enterprises to carry out port mixed mining business, increase port inventory, and play a buffer role of port inventory in resource security.We will strengthen international cooperation in the development of iron ore resources in accordance with market-oriented principles.We will improve the construction of the iron ore futures market, strengthen supervision of the futures market, and improve the mechanism for reasonable pricing of iron ore.