Son cheating lover, hot mother-in-law war mistress, mother-in-law: for my virtuous daughter-in-law to seek justice

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The old aunt at the moment is excited to kick the door hard, give vent to his heart of resentment, loudly crying to let out the people inside.And has been blocking her in the door is the aunt’s son, he just looked at all this coldly, indifferent to stand aside, but also quibble that it is just a common friend, let aunt not unreasonable.Nearby stood a silent woman with no expression on her face. This woman was the man’s wife.So what happened between these guys?Why is Aunt Zhang so excited?And who is it that men have to protect?Son derailed, mother-in-law with daughter-in-law scene catch small three is aunt Zhang with daughter-in-law to catch small three.When they arrived at the rented house, they found their son alone.They examined every nook and corner of the room, but saw a bathroom door that would not open, they decided there must be something fishy.Aunt Zhang let her son open the door, but was strongly blocked by his son.They knew there must be someone hiding in there.Aunt Zhang saw her son refuse to listen to advice.A moment of anger, ruthlessly toward the door of the toilet kick up.The pounding of doors was a stimulus to everyone’s heart.Aunt Zhang hit the door with the head aunt Zhang side kick while crying, angrily rebuked the inside of the people shameless, destroy the son’s family, more angrily scolded the son of bad temper, throw down such a good daughter-in-law no matter, not in the outside of the morning and evening, repeatedly hurt virtuous daughter-in-law.She cried and begged her son to change his mind and not make the same mistake again.When it came to excitement, Aunt Zhang actually started banging her head against the door.In the face of Aunt Zhang’s extreme behavior, the people around are scared to stop her to calm her mood, do not be too excited, but her son turned a blind eye, determined not to open the door.Also pushing aunt Zhang, do not scare the people inside.The man’s name was Zhang Wen and he had been married to his daughter-in-law Hong Xiaoli for many years.The two have already had the crystallization of love.The daughter-in-law is sensible, very family, mother-in-law is also very, filial piety, even better than his own son to himself, Aunt Zhang is very satisfied.Around the people mentioned Hong Xiaoli, but also all thumbs up.The mother-in-law was also happy and proud to find such a daughter-in-law.No one can shake The position of Hong Xiaoli in Aunt Zhang’s heart, she feels That Hong Xiaoli is closer than her own daughter.But her son Zhang Wen did not let her worry.Mention his aunt Zhang was furious with rage three zhangs, son not only idle all day long, delicious lazy, but also owe a butt of foreign debt outside, he did not have a serious job, only know to ask for money from his daughter-in-law all day long, big and small things in the family only rely on his daughter-in-law a person to support.Aunt Zhang comfort daughter-in-law is clearly so good wife Zhang Wen still do not know how to cherish.Cheating has been the norm over the years, and he has often argued with his son about it.This time even secretly took Hong Xiaoli’s credit card to raise a small third.Hong Xiaoli knows, Zhang Wen dies hard to change, this time incredibly do so excessive, claim must divorce with her husband.Aunt Zhang is also heartbroken by what her son has done.But to keep her virtuous daughter-in-law.Aunt and Hong Xiaoli stand on the same front, together to crusade against the mistress.Aunt Zhang said to Hong, “Don’t cry, I know you are really good these years, I also know you are very sad.My son is sorry for you, I am sorry for you, it is I did not educate him, let you suffer all these years wronged.I thought of you as my own daughter, and I will get justice for you.I would never let a third person have it easy.”Aunt Zhang scolded his son to break into the door, mother-in-law and small three scuffle a group looked at the son so maintain the inside of the third party, Aunt Zhang is not to play a place.In total disregard of the affection between mother and son, she slapped her son on the face several times and kicked at the door harder.And the old door can not stand aunt Zhang’s vigorous destruction, finally can not support, forcibly kicked out of a big hole.And Aunt Zhang almost fainted because of the exertion.Next to the people across the door to the inside of the shout, hope to talk to her, do not always avoid and not see, things are always to face, it is impossible to hide a lifetime.Aunt Zhang drilled a hole into the room, aunt Zhang made a surprising thing.Aunt Zhang directed at the people do not pay attention to, drilled in from the door, then came inside the banging of the sound of fighting.Zhang opened the door in panic. Inside the room, a woman dressed in white covered one side of her face with her hand. She was Zhang’s lover, Wang Xinxin.She was slapped in the face by Aunt Zhang and stood aggrieved beside her.Wang Xinxin was beaten and Zhang Wen saw her lover was beaten, immediately rushed to protect him, let Wang Xinxin hide behind him.Around the people also stopped the emotional aunt Zhang, to avoid two people to tear up.In the face of the aggressive Aunt Zhang, Wang Xinxin did not show weakness, and even picked up the plastic bucket around, threatened that if Aunt Zhang began again, he would not be polite to her.In order to avoid another escalation of the conflict around the two people quickly separated.Someone asked Wang Xinxin what she did for a living?She said she was working in a factory, but the side of aunt Wang was full of disdain said, she is working in the hotel, then was interrupted by Zhang Wen, accused Aunt Zhang don’t gossip, insult others.Aunt Zhang looked at Wang Xinxin a pair of innocent look angry unceasingly, beside has been scolding him shameless destruction of other people’s family when the small third also justifiably.And Wang Xinxin just said and Zhang Wen is an ordinary friend, without any improper relationship.But discerning people can see, these two people still want to sophistry, trying to take others as a fool.Hongxiaoli I move, his wife calm face mistress looked at all the mess, standing aside Of HongXiaoli has been silent.Such shameless husband, and his manner of defending the mistress, seems to have been common.Ever since she married into the Zhang family, Zhang Wen has never fulfilled his duties as a husband and father.Not only can not see him often at home, but also did not pay a penny of living expenses to the home.Her husband had not been with her for several days before she gave birth.When the child was young, she lived on Aunt Zhang’s pension. When the child was older, she went out to find a job, which made the family’s life better.Although life at home was so difficult, Zhang Wen remained unmoved.Without the slightest thought of helping to lighten the burden on the family.He often indulged in a lot of drunkenness, adultery, every day a pair of drunk dreamless appearance.Hong Xiaoli does not know how many times he has caught cheating.Every time to forgive, not for the man’s prodigal son back, but more intensified.This time for Wang Xinxin, but also steal their credit cards to brush to raise others, let her cold heart.And Aunt Zhang felt Wang Xinxin was cheated by his son, thought he was a rich, otherwise such a young girl how willing to give others when the mistress.Zhang Wen and Wang Xinxin Hong Xiaoli did not do anything to Wang Xinxin, she did not cry nor make, more did not hit her.Just very calmly told Wang Xinxin, Zhang Wen’s family is actually very poor, Zhang Wen did not work, spend money freely, and owe a lot of foreign debt outside, even now living in this house is to rely on her credit card to pay the rent.She then showed Wang her chat notes with Zhang Wen, letting her know what Zhang wen said about her behind his back.In the mobile phone chat records, Zhang Wen said and Wang Xinxin is dew love, he did not have any feelings for her, not because she divorced his wife, but also said Wang Xinxin is a material woman, completely look down on her, said that if not because Wang Xinxin took a fancy to his money, had left.Zhang Wen’s disparagement gave Wang Xinxin a blow in the head, and she knew she was just a dispensable person in the eyes of this man.He is willing to be a mistress, and this man is just cheating her feelings.He did not have anything, even the identity of the rich is to deceive her, the cruel truth let Wang Xinxin leng on the spot.Hong xiaoli continued, “You said your child did it too.I know this kind of suffering from beating a child before, but do you know what Zhang Wen is?He had no job and never sent a penny home.Do you really want to follow a man who has no money and a lot of debt?”Lie exposed, Zhang Wen panic escape looks at the appearance of Lonely Wang Xinxin, Hong Xiaoli knows she is to be deceived by Zhang Wen’s honeyed words for certain, just can follow him wholeheartedly.Zhang Wen spends money freely at ordinary times, oneself pack painstakingly again.Women out there mistakenly think he’s gonna be rich.I think it’s profitable to follow him.And now the truth comes to light, Wang Xinxin just know, Zhang Wen at ordinary times do not restrain the money, is simply hit swollen face charge fat, if today is not hong Xiaoli puncture, he will certainly be Zhang Wen has been deceived.”If Zhang Wen could marry you, he would have married long ago,” Hong continued. “He can’t divorce me.He said he couldn’t bear to let go of my children, that the cost of divorce was too great.He can’t afford it.You are so young that you can find a good family in the future. Why should you delay yourself because of him?”Looking at the tearful Hong Xiaoli, Wang Xinxin finally realized his mistake.She regretted that she trusted Zhang Wen and became his lover.And now she gets reviled and no sympathy.She was silent now, weeping silently.But at this time, Zhang Wen took advantage of the public attention, quickly fled the scene.He knew that all his lies had been discovered and that he could not deceive any longer.He knew he could not face two women, chose to directly abandon Wang Xinxin fled, and before the maintenance of the appearance of a sharp contrast.Actually not hard to see in Zhang Wen’s eyes.Wang Xinxin was just a tool for his amusement.Once the truth is revealed, it is ruthlessly discarded.After seeing Zhang Wen leave, Wang Xinxin no longer stretched uncontrollably burst into tears, and more bluntly regretted becoming Zhang Wen’s mistress.’She sobbed.’ You leave me the keys, and I’ll leave myself in a few days when I’ve packed my things. I can’t get home now.Some time ago, I fell out with my parents because of him.I have no place to live right now.If zhang Wen hadn’t promised, he would have married me.I would not willingly be a mistress.”The people around looked at the poor Wang Xinxin, all said you how so silly?How can you be so naive when you’re 25?You can’t trust a man like that. You’re young. You have a long life ahead of you.You can leave him now and start a new life.In everyone’s persuasion, Wang Xinxin said that he would not contact with Zhang Wen again, and also wrote a guarantee to Hong Xiaoli.Assure oneself never with zhang Wen entwine, after obtaining family’s forgiveness will leave by oneself.Hong Xiaoli also helped her mother-in-law back home.Wang Xinxin wrote a guarantee Hong Xiaoli in this matter has remained calm, she did not shout hysterically, but to move the way to persuade Wang Xinxin.Perhaps it is a calm and rational person in itself.Perhaps she had lost all confidence and hope in her husband and was able to deal with the matter so calmly.Hong xiaoli says she will resolutely Sue her husband for divorce this time and won’t give him any chance.He had endured years of humiliation for his family, and he did not cherish it.I’m so disappointed in him.As for the children and her mother-in-law after divorce, she will still live with them.For so many years, her mother-in-law is like her own mother in general, no matter what situation he and Zhang Wen go to, will not abandon the old Aunt Zhang.Hong xiaoli’s married life mirrors that of many families, where the wife takes care of the elderly and their children alone while the husband ignores them.I’ve even broken my wife’s heart by cheating on her.The husband’s lack of involvement in family life is one of the biggest misfortunes of widowhood marriages and a deterrent for many young people.The happiness of a family depends on the joint efforts of both husband and wife.If only one person to insist.Sooner or later, this marriage will end.