Five Stars out of the East: show the connotation of cultural relics with dance drama

2022-05-10 0 By

China News Network Beijing, February 18Recently, the dance drama “Five Stars out of the East for the Benefit of China”, a national first-class cultural relic, was staged at the National Center for the Performing Arts.Rich and interesting dance section, fascinating story, drew bursts of applause.It is understood that the dance drama “Five Stars out of the East” through artistic creation and processing, in the form of dance drama, the profound cultural connotation carried by precious cultural relics is vividly displayed on the stage.The dance drama begins at the Archaeological site of Niya, where the archaeologist discovers that “Five stars go to the East for the benefit of China” and enters the time tunnel in the wind and sand, and unfolds the story behind the tapestry for the audience.In the dance drama “Five Stars out of the East”, various dance segments are memorable.Graceful and charming “lantern dance”, dignified atmosphere “jinxiu” dance……The audience can see both folk dance and classical dance as well as a mixture of hip-hop and tap dance.The original dance creation made the dance drama received a lot of praise.According to reports, the dance drama “Five Stars out of the East” from the brewing creation to the stage took two years.In order to make the work perfect, the team went deep into the desert in June 2021 and revised 12 drafts of the script alone.Many audiences are interested in the cinematic stage texture.Ge Wang, the chief editor and director, adopted unconventional arrangement in his creation. He said:”Cultural collision and fusion in this work mainly by the fusion between person and person, a lot of people will feel that such a grand historical themes ballet will exalt skyer singing, but in fact, the characteristics of the play is not heavy, talk, use humor, witty and easy way of performing, in a suitable narrative suddenly into the rhythm of the other, the technique of expression,The audience will have a lot of novel feelings.”It is reported that the dance drama “Five Stars out of the East” will be performed in Jinan Shandong Provincial Grand Theater on February 26-27, Foshan Grand Theater on March 5-6, Quanzhou Grand Theater on March 12-13, shenzhen Binhai Art Center on March 19-20 and other places.