The woman was pulled into a chat group by a “fake leader” and cheated out of 625,000 yuan by police, who returned to Chengdu and Chongqing for a year

2022-05-09 0 By

Cover news reporter Yu Ting recently, Chengdu citizens Ms. Dong full of excitement to Chengdu Public Security Bureau Qingyang Branch Caoshi Street police station, to the police Peng Jiangtao sent a printed with the “speed of handling the case, the heart of the people” banner, thank the police timely press the “stop loss key”, successfully for its loss of 625,000 yuan.Not long ago, Dong was swindled out of 625,000 yuan by a man claiming to be “the boss” while she was working at the company.Handling the case police Peng Jiangtao learned after understanding, Ms. Dong is the company’s financial personnel, during the work was false boss pulled into the QQ group, and to the group of a customer transfer project money on the grounds of 625,000 yuan fraud.Peng Jiangtao immediately input the bank account information provided by Ms. Dong into the “anti-fraud platform”, successfully froze the bank card involved in the case, carried out investigation work, and collected fixed relevant evidence.At about 15 o ‘clock on the same day, Ms. Dong learned that the anti-fraud platform stop payment success, hanging heart completely put down.”Although I know that there are people who pretend to be the boss and commit fraud, I always keep my mind more, but I never thought I was cheated by my carelessness today.”In order to return Ms. Dong’s cheated money as soon as possible, Peng Jiangtao grasped the registered address of the company according to the information of the accounts involved, and immediately went on a business trip to Chongqing.After arriving at the registered address of the company, Peng Jiangtao found that the company’s registration and actual operation is not in the same place.As long-time criminal police officers, they were used to running for hours before the clues came to a screeching halt. Instead, they turned to the local police to verify the company’s specific address.In real life, stop payment pull loss is far from being as simple and easy as the plot of the movie. Peng Jiangtao and his team, with the assistance of the local public security, verified that the specific operation address of the company is dozens of kilometers away. After taking a rest, they continued to embark on the road of stop payment pull loss.The police went back and forth to Chongqing and Chengdu for many times. After nearly a year of investigation and screening, they finally recovered the money Ms. Dong was cheated by unremitting efforts.On March 20, 2022, Ms. Dong came to the police station to retrieve the 625,000 yuan she had been cheated of.Police remind: as the network of information open, in the Internet search unit, enterprise information is very simple, but also to cheater posing as “leadership” to provide the possibility.In the virtual world, information is so complex that it is necessary to distinguish between true and false.Meet leadership request to help transfer money, mat capital, borrow money, must raise vigilance, be sure to confirm with oneself, in case fall into cheater trap.