The little Monk and the stone Buddha in cloth bag

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Dong Yan had heard for a long time that there were many skilled craftsmen who made a living by beating stones in the Shifeng Mountain. Regardless of age, they were born with stones, buddhas and stone mountains.Go out to see the mountain, home chisel stone, very hard;When you meet a buyer, you’re happy.In the middle of guangou are all jagged rock mountain, remove the mountain skin debris, there are almost all the same granite rock strip stone, inexhaustible.Not afraid of suffering will work old stonemason craftsmen, hammer, chisel, axe, a stone groove, stone mill, stone roller, stone wheel, a few times on the shape, strong and good-looking.Poor s manual Labour in the past, bought to use plain people, every spring the autumn harvest season, a donkey, with a whip, paddle curve, temperature-pressure field ground beans, push the stone roller mill flour, all from these stone implements, is really more to make more smooth, more with more love, lay a objects, is also a show off.According to legend, there was an old stonemason in Guanguou, named Gu Muer, who was tall and powerful, kind and independent, and naturally became the chief of a family.In the Yuan Dynasty, in order to escape the war, he led his clansmen to move from the desert to the mountain of Shifeng, where he made a living by beating stone tools and selling coolies.The old stonemason had a capable wife and three sons. The oldest and second sons were married and inherited his father’s business, which was quite famous.Old three is only seven or eight years old, but smart, has a good name named Gu Jiabao, reading since childhood, can read drawings will calculate accounts, old stonemason go out to do business, often take the three son in the side, but also long a lot of knowledge.The other day, he suddenly saw a swift horse coming down the mountain. The man got off the horse and as he was walking, he saw the ancient family, pulling a scroll of imperial edict from his waist.It turned out to be Emperor Zhishun of the Yuan Dynasty, tutiemuer, the second son of Emperor Wuzong, who had been enthroned twice before and after the four years in power, since the two resident in the Longhutai Travel palace in the nankou, living high view of the scenery, longyan dayue, special to issue holy intentions, deadline orders:Stonemason Gu Mu er according to the picture carved a statue of stone Buddha, as the resident bi Longhu Tai travel palace to build the temple of the “treasure of the town temple”, to meet and show off its ambition to conquer the king.The masons were terrified and gathered their clansmen to discuss the matter overnight.Little heirloom looked at the image under the lamp, seeing the holy paper shining golden, gently spread out the portrait, it turned out to be a flat head, round face, left hand holding rosary beads, right hand holding cloth bag, white belly outside, with Mongolian features between the eyebrows, charming manner of Maitreya sitting statue, commonly known as “cloth bag monk”.”Ah!How can this portrait look so much like the ancestors enshrined in our shrine?”The surprise of a childishness unexpectedly makes the clansman of family and side look at each other in speechless despair and sink into meditation.It turned out that they were also the great-grandchildren of Kublai Khan, the great-grandson of Yuan Shizu. Because of family strife, they had no power, so they stayed together to keep warm and hid themselves in the gully, so they became the people.”This is our destiny!We are servants, and we must guard the treasure of the temple all our lives.”Old stonemason left posterity, do not regret the suffering of life and helpless choice.Gossip less Syria, saying only a buddhist nankou net 10 square Po lam temple, was founded in late 1924, commonly known as temple, covers an area of 900 square meters, sitting west toward the east, were watching comprises three courtyards, courtyard layout, temple has four halls: maitreya temple, temple, guanyin hall and Lv Zudian and north-south peidian peidian, green coloured glaze pantile big hard mountain ridge, well-preserved.In 2012, when baolin Temple was renovated, according to the memories of the old people here, there was a stone Buddha statue buried in the shanmen temple. The construction team helped to remove the statue from the ground.In order to preserve this rare historic site, in 2016, the cultural relics department and Damiao Primary School installed the “cloth bag Monk” in the Gongcheng Hall built at the gate of Damiao Mountain. At the same time, the cast iron cloud plate called “Dian” and other precious cultural relics were displayed.According to experts in literature and history, the statue of Maitreya, made of granite stone, is 1.4 meters high and 1.15 meters wide.In terms of the head shape, it is similar to the statue in Guangou, and is presumed to be the yuan Dynasty shape, and the style is far from the buddhist courtyard of the temple, so it should have been moved from guangou area.According to textual research: only 40 li guan Gou has this kind of stone, where the stonemason “guan Wai people” good at stone carving, exquisite workmanship, guan Gou Sanbao has a stone Buddha temple similar to baolin Temple.Perhaps he was the gatekeeper, the guardian who accompanied him all the way.