Take an examination of grind does need sign up for class?In Zhengzhou is the line is better or network class?

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World War II successful ashore school elder sister to say: of course need!!When world war I, not YongBao class see online classes, is their closed doors had good big kui, accuracy is not high has a problem cannot be solved, later want to have some late, and listen for the teacher, also took time and effort on selected, to crash the mentality behind some, result is not satisfied, so decisive choice class of world war ii,Zheng Ying 80+ landed smoothly.There are ways to choose courses. A good course can help us get twice the result with half the effort on the way to the postgraduate entrance examination, and the accuracy rate is greatly improved. Coupled with a good planning and course rhythm, our review efficiency can also be greatly improved.That involves whether we choose online courses or offline courses?(I) Online courses or offline courses?In fact, online courses or offline courses, these two types of courses have their own strengths.The advantages of offline courses are that they are supervised by teachers, students can study together in a pleasant atmosphere, and teachers can adjust the courses according to students’ different levels of mastery.The disadvantage is that the cost is too high, sometimes the teacher may not take care of so many students (in fact, there is a solution to this problem, you can sign up for a mature small class, the premise is that the funds allow), the courses may not be suitable for students, and there may be unpleasant friction between students.Advantage of online courses, have a cell phone to class, whether recorded or live, all can easily let us listening to lectures, but also in the period of validity of the infinite time playback, but no teacher to supervise, we need to cultivate the consciousness, have listened to play other risks and listen may do not know to where the difficulty is,Lead to a waste of time and even useless work over and over again.But compared with online classes, online classes cost less.To sum up, I think I can apply for an offline course that suits me. Although the cost is higher than the online course, face-to-face teaching by the teacher is always more efficient than random learning by myself.(2) Is it necessary to take the postgraduate entrance exam?As a matter of fact, I always think that professional work should be entrusted to professional people, and most of my friends would choose a postgraduate course during the Second World War.At that time, I chose Tianren Education postgraduate entrance examination institution. After comparing several institutions, I chose tianren Education postgraduate entrance examination Institution. It is not to say that other institutions are not good, but I still think it is better than other institutions.There are professional teachers to teach, spacious and bright classrooms, dormitory environment is also good, not only that, there will be a teacher every day supervision, for self-control is not good for small partners really.It is professional respect next, take an examination of one’s deceased father grind teacher studies this exam for many years, no matter is outline analytic or proposition rule, want more than everybody more familiar.Professional things to professional people to do, twice the result with half the effort, the students just need to put their efforts.For example, no matter how comprehensive the experience on the Internet is, it is impossible to reproduce the whole process of a student’s successful preparation for the exam. Besides, everyone is in a different situation, and the experience is varied. Who do you listen to?Even if you have senior students to guide you, you should know that others may not be suitable for you, and no one’s successful experience can be directly used, because success is combined with timing, talent, accumulation and other factors of inevitability and chance, what you need to do is not to copy the past of others, but to grasp the uncertain future as much as possible.Moreover, the postgraduate entrance examination is not like the market to buy a dish, buy bad, next time I do not buy this is;This is a long battle that requires coordination of goals, planning, execution, and so on. If anything goes wrong, the whole thing could be lost. And the feedback time is uncertain, if something goes wrong in September or October, it’s too late.Many students may feel good at the beginning of self-study, but for professional masters, knowledge is not difficult, which gives many students the illusion that the entrance examination is not so good. Students who have gone to the wind in March and April, do not be too happy, the last laugh is the winner.This involves the rhythm of test preparation.Many self-taught partners or early rhythm is fast, behind nothing short anxiety;Or the rhythm is slow, can’t keep up behind;Others are working hard, but the study method and the direction of examination preparation run counter to the exam, so say 23 students may not understand, slowly you will experience.Graduate student examination is different from before in take an examination of, college entrance examination, as elite choose an examination, you must recognize what to take an examination of and how to take an examination of, made clear the direction to work hard again, this is the right way, and these are not teaching material and experience stick can tell you.At this time, you need to have a professional teacher or team to help you, teach you how to more effectively grasp their own time to improve learning efficiency, help yourself to plan a good learning plan in advance, orderly progress.So as to achieve twice the result with half the effort in learning.To sum up, I think it is necessary to take the postgraduate entrance examination.He can be at a loss when you confused, help clear the way forward, help you in the postgraduate entrance examination to reduce the burden, you only need to be responsible for good study, pay hard.Outline analysis or proposition law to professional people to do (it is necessary to remind 1, although the course is good, they still want to work hard yo!).