“Snow Line mail road happiness messenger” Chi Mei Duoji torch relay in the Summer Palace!

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Today (February 4) Beijing 2022 winter Olympic Games torch relay in the Summer Palace in Beijing Olympic forest park, the grand canal passing through forest park of “snow line” happy angel “in its edge, as a torchbearer 15 close” touch “the Olympic torch in the Summer Palace” heartbeat “zero distance” hand “he ran out of the games torch from more pride send Chinese postalToday marks the third and final day of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Torch relay.Some 1,200 torchbearers will carry the torch for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games tonight, lighting the main torch tower in the National Stadium for an exciting Olympic moment.This morning, 97 torchbearers took the lead in the Olympic Torch relay to the Summer Palace, the symbol of “Chinese Garden”. The torch relay passed zhichunting pavilion, Wenchang Pavilion, 17-arch Bridge, Jade Belt Bridge and other landmark landscapes on the way, covering a distance of 6.182 kilometers.As the torchbearer of the 15th leg of the relay, Chimidogi started its journey at 8:55 am.Wearing the uniform of the Olympic Torchbearer, he walked briskly and firmly. With one hand he held up the red-and-silver “flying” torch, and with the other he waved enthusiastically to the audience, beaming with pride.After a short distance of 61.4 meters, Kimi Dorji lit the torch in the hands of the 16th torch bearer, successfully completed the winter Olympics torch relay in kunming lake, he made a fist in his left hand, and took the opportunity to cheer the next torchbearer.The road is short and the feeling is long, and everyone is particularly excited to go to an ice and snow event with the Olympic athletes.After the torch relay, according to the arrangement of the organizing committee, As the representative of mitoji, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and other media reporters interviewed, as a torchbearer of the feeling and blessing to the Winter Olympics answered the media reporters’ questions.”It is a great honor to carry the Olympic Torch.This is an honor bestowed on me by the Party and the country, and I have a special sense of mission.Coming from the “Snow Line Post Road” to the site of the Olympic Torch relay, and being able to participate in the torch relay as the Beijing Winter Olympic Games begin tonight, is one of the most memorable and glorious moments of my life!Used to be in the TV watching others pass the torch, today when watching the torch burning, passing in my hands, feel very excited, feel the torch in my heart is also lit together!I deeply feel the pride of a postman as a torchbearer and the pride of a Chinese, I am proud of the strong motherland.””I am also particularly grateful to the postal enterprise, which provides me with this platform. All the honors I have won are inseparable from the cultivation of the enterprise.A torchbearer carries the Olympic flame, but also a kind of faith.When I hold the torch salute at the same time, ‘torchbearer’ has become my most resounding name, I am also a successor.To a large extent, what we inherit is the youth dedicated to national rejuvenation and the Chinese dream.To small, heritage is to earnestly fulfill the ‘people’s postal service for the people’ purpose, better serve the people.In the future work, I will integrate the Olympic spirit into the spirit of “Snow Line Post Road”, continue to tell the story of postal service, tell the story of national unity and progress in the new era, unswervingly safeguard the reunification of the motherland and national unity, and tell more people around me the strength of the motherland.China’s success in hosting the Winter Olympic Games against the backdrop of a severe epidemic in the world shows the strength of our country and the strong cohesion of our nation.I will use the Olympic spirit to inspire myself to continue to move forward in the future, live up to my mission and make greater contributions to the development of the postal service.”Qimei Duoji is the long-distance mail transport driver and the leader of the driving and escort group of Ganzi County Branch of China Post Group Co., LTD.He and his team are responsible for the transport of the Sichuan-Tibet post road from Ganzi County to Dege County. In the past 30 years, he has driven a total mileage of more than 1.4 million kilometers without a single accident.”My first reaction was excitement and pride when I learned that I would be the torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics. It was a great honor!I was excited for a few days.I spent more than 30 years carrying mail on the “snow Line Mail Road”, and now I am carrying the torch for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the grand event of ice and snow sports. Two important experiences in my life are related to ice and snow. I think this is my special relationship with ice and snow, which makes me feel particularly meaningful!I will cherish this meaningful ‘flying’ torch.”The Olympic torch relay is short in distance, but medogi is well prepared.”In order to better complete the torch relay task, I will run at least 5 kilometers every day to build up my physical strength and ensure that I can complete the glorious mission with good physical strength and full of spirit.”With the torch relay, the grand curtain of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be opened tonight.”I cheer for the Winter Olympic athletes!I hope the athletes compete in style and achieve results.I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a great success.”Kimi Dorji said with anticipation.Fire and ice meet passion and MY heart is proud