It’s so simple, and it tastes so good

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Abalone eryngii mushroom 2 carrots 1 green pepper 1 green onion a small amount of salt 2 grams of light soy sauce 1 spoon of practice step 1, abalone eryngii mushroom wash shred, blanch water out, over cold water, hold dry water;2. Wash carrot and green pepper and shred;A little scallion;3. Heat a wok with oil, saute scallions until fragrant, add shredded carrots and stir fry;4. Add shredded green pepper and abalone mushroom, continue to stir-fry, add salt and light soy sauce, stir-fry well;1. Removing fat and lowering blood pressure, Pleurotus eryngoides can soften and protect blood vessels, and has the effect of reducing blood fat and cholesterol in human body.2. Immunity-enhancing Pleurotus eryngii protein is the most important nutrient for maintaining immune function and is the main component of white blood cells and antibodies.3. Eryngiopleurotus eryngiopleurotus is helpful for gastric acid secretion and food digestion, which is suitable for the treatment of dietary stagnation syndrome.Cooking delicious have skills, my every dish has a small trick, we search “bean fruit” can directly view my recipe!Bookmark and follow this recipe if you like!Feel free to share your suggestions for this dish in the comments below.