In a single year, 460,000 enterprises went bankrupt and 3.1 million self-employed businesses were cancelled. What should we do in 2022?

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Introduction For enterprises in various industries, the epidemic in 2020 will definitely be a severe challenge to their budding development. Not only those small and medium-sized enterprises are doomed, but even some large enterprises are not immune.Relevant data show that after 2020, in addition to more than 3 million business owners have been cancelled, there are 460,000 enterprises have also closed down, and the market is on the verge of bankruptcy of hundreds of enterprises?What to do in 2022?Although it has been two years since the full outbreak, in these two years China has gradually brought the epidemic under control and returned to normal development with strong ability and level, but now those self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises have also “eased up”?Although there are more and more entrepreneurs in modern society, it is not easy to start a business. We have witnessed many successful entrepreneurs, but there are also countless business failures in many places we do not know.For many young people, when they just stepped into the society, because they are proud and have a greater ideal pursuit, they are not willing to work under others.Also thought of entrepreneurship struggle out of the world, but entrepreneurship is also a pay attention to “the right time, the right place and” event, he not only has a high level of personal ability and personal requirements, but also depends on whether entrepreneurs can grasp the opportunities of The Times and the market.Even though many entrepreneurs jumped up with the benefit of the dividend of The Times, the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 still dealt a big blow to them. No matter those entrepreneurs in big cities, or small and medium-sized enterprises in third and fourth tier cities, all faced the problem of bankruptcy under the impact of the epidemic crisis.In general, the life cycle of self-employed and small, medium and micro enterprises is generally 3 to 5 years, of course, there are some cases shorter than this, and this is deeply puzzling, when the market demand is still there, why these enterprises are so short of life?A sudden change in the market throughout the economy as a whole market to the bankruptcy of the enterprise, the collapse of most of the time and the outbreak time coincidence, because the development of the outbreak, relevant policy provisions of the state in all walks of life all need production shutdown, cooperate fully with the epidemic prevention work, can production downtime means closed, stop to make a profit.For employees, they may not earn wages in a short period of time, but for enterprises, they will face losses that can not be cut off at any time. The cost and expenditure of enterprises still exist, but the income is basically zero, which makes them in a cash flow dilemma.During this period, some enterprises may choose to lay off employees and cut salaries in order to tide over the recession, which will dampen the market enthusiasm and reduce the heat of consumers, thus leading to economic difficulties.The impact brought by new industries, especially after the development of the Internet industry, e-commerce has become the fierce rival of many industries. The industry has a strong momentum and rapid development, causing a strong impact on the real economy, but also let the fixed share of the cake, there are more objects to be carved up.Industry volume in the entrepreneurial market, it seems that efforts and returns are not necessarily proportional, because entrepreneurship and business, not entirely rely on efforts to succeed, he has a lot of tricks, are we need to feel and taste.The more people involved in an industry, the more competition it naturally creates.For example, in the current society, the whole business of livestreaming, Taobao and milk tea shops is in a hot state, and the intensified competition in the industry is also easy to bring stronger challenges to entrepreneurs.In particular, milk tea shops have become Internet celebrity entrepreneurship projects in recent years. Young people pay attention to enjoying milk tea has become a routine operation.This at a time, also set off the fever of milk tea wind, domestic milk tea brands rise rapidly, casting this industry broad but fierce competition.However, these milk tea shops have not done evenly, several milk tea shops on the same street are also presenting different scenes, some people are crowded, but some people are cold in front of the door.This is not only related to the taste of milk tea shops, but also related to the marketing methods of milk tea shops.So in this way, behind any humble entrepreneurial project, there are doors we need to study.For the majority of young people who advocate freedom and pursue higher ideals, starting a business is indeed a new option for entering the society. However, before starting a business, we must be prepared to bear the consequences. Not all entrepreneurial projects can be big and strong, which should be our psychological expectation before starting a business.Every year, we see countless new startups, but every year, countless new startups go out of business.Any bankrupt enterprise, in addition to its own strength development, but also inseparable from the market and the impact of the era of the background.Conclusion Therefore, entrepreneurial projects must know how to adapt to the market and the trend, if these two requirements are met with unique technology and efforts, then success will come naturally.Topic of the day: 460,000 businesses closed in a single year and 3.1 million self-employed businesses were cancelled. What will 2022 be like?