Hunan has issued a blue alert for snow, with rime or snow in areas west of Changsha

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Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · New Hunan client On January 28 (all media reporter Li Chenghui video Wang Jue) Hunan Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning on January 28 at 1600: it is expected to be 20 on 28 to 20 on 29,The west of Changsha, the northwest of Xiangtan, the south of Yueyang, the south of Changde, the south of Yiyang, the north of Huaihua, Loudi, the south of Xiangxi will see more than 7.5 mm of snow, and the above areas will see more than 5 cm of snow, please take precautions.1. The government and relevant departments shall make preparations for snow disaster and freezing damage according to their duties;2. Transportation, railway, electric power, communication and other departments shall inspect and maintain roads, railways and lines, clean roads and melt snow;3. Pedestrians should pay attention to anti-skid, drivers should drive carefully, and vehicles should take anti-skid measures;4. Reserve feed for farming and pastoral areas and breeding industries to prepare for snow disaster and freezing damage;5. Temporary structures that are easy to be crushed by snow, such as reinforced scaffolds.Hunan Meteorological Station on January 28 at 16 o ‘clock issued low rain and snow freezing yellow warning: it is expected to 28 at 20 to 29 at 20, western Changsha, western Yueyang, Changde, Yiyang, huaihua north, southeastern Xiangxi will appear rime or snow, and the lowest temperature ≤0℃, please pay attention to precautions.Defense guidelines: 1. All departments should do the defense work of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather according to their responsibilities;2. When going out, drivers should pay attention to anti-skid;3. Keep warm.[Editor: Chen Shuyi][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]