Hongkang Jinyu full life insurance, real rate of return

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Concept Incremental whole life insurance aims at long-term investment of 10 years or more, and the product benefits are locked in the insurance contract. Among ultra-long-term risk-free financial products, the returns of incremental whole life insurance are basically unmatched.Increased whole life policies can compound up to 3.5%;Interest rates can be as high as about 5 per cent for 20 years, 6 per cent for 30 years and 7 per cent for 40 years.Increase the amount of life insurance life insurance increases the amount of life insurance surface is life insurance, but the death protection function is very weak, you can completely ignore the insurance provisions on the death responsibility of the description, the focus on its cash value.Whether the income of an increased whole life insurance is high or not is all reflected in the cash value. We compare the premium to the amount invested, and the cash value is the investment result. The longer the time, the higher the cash value will be.Therefore, to measure whether an increased whole life insurance is good or not, look at its cash value statement for the same investment. The higher the cash value, the higher the yield of the product.Note: An increased whole life policy has a 3.5 per cent compound ceiling, and any product advertised for more than 3.5 per cent is deceptive.Jinyu Full increment whole life insurance is underwritten by Hongkang Life Insurance.Hongkang Life Insurance was established in July 2012 with a registered capital of RMB1 billion and headquartered in Beijing.In the third quarter of 2021, the comprehensive solvency was 1653.08%, the comprehensive risk rating was CLASS B, and the operation was in good condition.The background of the shareholders of the company is as follows: IV. Calculation of product returns Take a 40-year-old male with an annual premium of 10,000 yuan as an example, and the corresponding return rate and payback time of Hongkang Jinyu full house are as follows:The payback time refers to the amount of cash in excess of the annual single interest rate of the total premium paid, which is 3.48%, or 5.93% for 30 years, or 3.49% for 3 years, or 5.86% for 30 years, or 3.49% for 5 years, or 5.76% for 30 years, or 3.48% for 10 years.If you hold it for 30 years, the simple interest can reach 5.49%; if you hold it for 30 years, the simple interest can reach 3.48%; if you hold it for 30 years, the simple interest can reach 5.28%; if you hold it for 30 years, the simple interest can reach 3.48%; if you hold it for 30 years, the simple interest can reach 5.11%.If you want to allocate long-term, safe assets, golden jade is currently one of the most worthwhile products to consider.Interested friends, you can find The elder brother understand.Note: For people of different ages, there will be some small changes in the return rate of the increased whole life insurance. The specific allocation needs to be calculated based on the actual age of the individual.If the above content is helpful to you, remember to give Jingge a thumbs up.If my analysis still fails to help you systematically sort out how to configure the insurance, you can reply to “consultation” in a private message and get a one-to-one consultation opportunity with Jingge.