Hawthorn tree cut down!The woman is engaged, wait for boyfriend to send flower, unexpectedly by grandmother give “cut hu”

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“Under the Hawthorn Tree” has become the go-to music for “engagement videos.Every time I see the video of “big pig hoof” walking towards his girl with a rose on the Internet, this song is very magical. Love under hawthorn tree is so romantic.But have you ever seen the hawthorn tree cut down?At an engagement scene in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, a woman waited at home for her boyfriend to present her with a large bouquet of red roses.Let the woman did not expect is that he did not have time to take the rose, was the grandmother to “cut hu”.Grandma: For the first time in my life, I got such a big bouquet of roses.It happened in a woman’s home in Guiyang, on the day of her engagement, a lot of relatives came to the home, very lively.The woman was waiting at the door early, waiting for her boyfriend to send bride gifts and gifts, she was both happy and nervous.Girls should be reserved!When her boyfriend appeared with a bunch of red roses, the girl just stood there and did not take the initiative to meet him.Let the girl did not expect is that the grandmother is more enthusiastic than her, take the initiative to pick up the gift, directly took the red rose in the boy’s hand.Expecting that her grandmother would give her the rose, the girl reached out her hand to take it, but her grandmother ignored her gesture and went straight into the house.The two froze in situ, laughing and crying.”It’s not a present, Grandmother, it’s a bouquet for me!”The girl shouted silently, but still did not dare to speak out.Netizen ridicule: unexpectedly, hawthorn tree was cut down by grandmother.The funny thing is, no one ever told Grandma that roses were for girls.The girl did not care, did not ask for the rose, but happily chatting with her boyfriend outside, not to embarrass her grandmother.It was an error, and grandma wasn’t to blame.When the older generation got engaged, everything the man brought was considered a “gift”.The elders of the bride’s family, seeing the things brought by the man, will take the initiative to meet them, help to take them to the house, put them together, convenient to check.Nowadays, the engagement ceremony is much more romantic than before. In addition to the bride price and gifts, the man will bring a bouquet of flowers to represent “loving you”.My grandmother had seen flowers before, but did not know they were for girls. She thought they were gifts from the man, so naturally she took them and put them in the house.Grandma doesn’t understand the romance of youth.Netizens’ point of view is to blame the woman is too “reserved”.See big pig hoof son to decide oneself, many girls all the way over to run to meet, will not stand in the doorway of the silly motionless.If the woman had gone to pick up her boyfriend earlier, there would have been no subsequent mishap.Are engaged, in fact, there is no need to be so gentle, occasionally in front of the family show affection, elders see more joy.At least let them know you’ll be happy if you make the right choice.Grandma’s enthusiasm, on the other hand, also shows that she is very satisfied with the girl’s future husband.As the saying goes: A marriage without parental blessing is unhappy.The grandmother approved of the marriage, the girl’s parents naturally also agreed.Although out of such a mistake, but the relationship between the two families is actually closer, the elder is very optimistic about this marriage.After marriage, both families will help them, and their married life is worth looking forward to.Grandmother also did not expect, he will receive a bunch of roses, romantic once.Although cut down the girl’s hawthorn tree, but gave her another romantic possibility.It is reported that the man behind the rose to propose to the girl, also put on a ring, romantic people envy.