Can a blind date find a high-quality partner?

2022-05-09 0 By

Many people think it is impossible to meet a man or a woman with high scores on a blind date. In fact, it is not up to a blind date firm to decide whether to meet a man or a woman with high scores.Blind date, just a way to know the opposite sex, just like roadside chat up, these are channels, channel itself is not good or bad.The channel is very important if we want to get rid of the order.This is just like the watermelon in our field, the watermelon is sweet in the big, if there is no sales channel, no one found your watermelon quality, then your watermelon can only be rotten to the ground.Many excellent older girls, they often stay at home, do not go to meet the opposite sex, do not expand channels, circles, then the final outcome can only be reduced sales promotion.Dating, classmates, friends, social media apps, pickup lines, these are all ways to get rid of a single person. The main purpose is to sell ourselves.The more members of the opposite sex you know, the faster you can get rid of the single.In our heart of love, I often say, love is sales.Love is the process of selling ourselves to each other and getting each other to pay the bill.If you can’t meet the opposite sex, you’re stuck.Love is a transaction, exchange, although not directly generated RMB, but is also a transaction.Love is to take our own value, for the value of others have clinch a deal.Can you meet quality men and women on blind dates?There are two main decisions.First, see what conditions you are.If it is a high-quality person, in our crowd, itself is a very small number of people, naturally it is easy to match the high-quality object.Let’s take men for example.Men you have money, career, you are a millionaire, multimillionaire, several hundred million, then you will naturally meet high-quality women.If you are poor and can’t afford to eat three meals a day, then if you meet high-quality women, you won’t have a chance.Such a condition, have a wife, already burn high incense.You don’t have money, you don’t have a career, and you’re looking for quality women, and honestly, I can only think you’re dreaming.High quality women are very valuable, is very scarce, they also know that they are very valuable, so they will only look for a man taller than themselves.The same goes for women.Rich, career men, they are scarce, there is no shortage of women around them, if you are not good enough, not enough wisdom, then even if you meet such a man, you can not keep them.When it comes to dating, no one wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t deserve them.Because in love, mate selection is based on the principle of equal value, equal rank.You are worth as much as you are worth.Second, it depends on what circle and what environment you are in.For example, you are a double first-class undergraduate graduates of college students, so you go back to the poor valley inside the work, so can match with you, can only be no educational background workers.You are a quality person, you go to Momo to find a spouse, then you can only be consumed.If you want to go out and make a date, then you and I highly recommend you go to these places, because they’re filled with empty, lonely, desperate people.Man is the product of his environment.Under what circumstances, there will be what people.Circumstances shape man.If you are surrounded by poor people, then you are poor. If your friends and colleagues are millionaires, then you are in good condition.The same goes for dating.You have to go where you want to go.A boy who consulted with me some time ago told me that all his girlfriends broke up after more than two months, and his last girlfriend spent more than 30,000 yuan in two months.Ask me what the hell is going on?When I did more research, I found out that this guy was a frequent bar hangout, and his girlfriends were picked up from bars.The women in the bar are all sophisticates, virtuous and virtuous women will go to the bar?You’re looking for good women in bars and nightclubs, and let’s just say you’re looking for gold in the trash.It’s possible, but the odds of winning are slim to none.If you want to find a person with a bachelor’s degree, you should go to a place with more bachelor’s degrees, such as Shanghai and Beijing, rather than go to the poor valley.If you’re looking for someone, you can go to the right place.Fall in love to find a partner itself, is a value matching process, less than the value, you can hardly match others.If you are poor and have a thatched hut and two cows at home, and have not graduated from primary school, you say you want to find a high-quality wife, do you think it is realistic?