Louxing District Court carried out Spring Festival visit and condolence activities

2022-05-08 0 By

Zeng Wenbin, party Secretary and president of Louxing District Court, led a team to visit daxin community for the Spring Festival.Visiting police officers with deep feelings and strong care for the organization, for the destitute Party members and the masses sent care and blessing.Loudi, January 30 (Correspondent Luo Du) With the approaching of the 2022 Spring Festival, Louxing District Court visited Daxin Community and other places to carry out the Spring Festival condolation activities. The activities were led by Zeng Wenbin, the secretary of the Party Group and the president of the Court, and were carried out in groups and batches.For days, school leaders and four party branch of the party member the policemen are with a group of deep feeling and strong love, talk to the masses of the dah sing difficult community members, and our difficulties to party members and the widow, and so on home visits condolences, policemen sent to the attention of the party and organization for them, the New Year’s greeting and good wishes to them.The visit and condolence activities during the Spring Festival fully demonstrated louxing Court’s deep concern for the veteran Party members and needy people, further enhanced the charisma and cohesion of the Party organization, achieved a good effect of “condolence for one person, warmth for one family, drive for one”, and created a harmonious social atmosphere.