Defeat in Vietnam!Is there a way out for Chinese football?This is the only way to get ahead!

2022-05-08 0 By

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, which should have been a happy holiday, the National football team unsurprisingly gave everyone more trouble.And this is not a general blockage, basic has to watch the game as long as the need to do bypass surgery.Looking at the opponents’ happy celebration after the game, the scene initiated a red envelope for the players, indeed the Vietnamese players had a good year.Look at the National football team, a dejected, as if losing the ball is not their problem, as if the world is sorry for them, looking to anger.After this game, the Chinese football players were scolded for their dishonor, and many so-called professionals also gave suggestions, such as the club drastically cut salary, or encourage the players to go out to exercise.For example, continue to expand the youth league, let more children play football, expand the number of future professional players, to cast a wide net.Of course, there are others, and so on, which are not listed here.In fact, in my opinion, the above reform is still a palliative.For example, even if the Chinese Super League drastically reduces salary, the income of players is still not low, at least than they can not play football, get no salary 10,000 times?There is also the expansion of the youth league scale, not to mention whether the clubs have such a large capacity, even if the expansion will be able to recruit full?Are there enough people who really want to play this sport?This road to the end can really make money to get ahead, or even support a family?Therefore, in my opinion, these ideas are very good, and they are all true fans who are willing to make suggestions for the progress of National football team, but there are no small difficulties and obstacles in implementing them.So how can we really save Chinese football? How can we make football really develop and at least return to the second tier teams in Asia?How do you do it?All I can think of is not breaking ground, only to cut off everything at present, it is possible to really let our football to the world, not worse than a year of defeat!That is to suspend our league!I know many CSL fans will be unhappy, but I want to say that the CSL really provides an excessive comfort zone for these players, and also provides a fertile ground for some club executives to nurture corruption, such as Dong Wensheng of Teda and Li Guangyi!And the fact that so many years from A to the super league, the league is indeed in the development, but the level of players seems to have been regressive, completely unable to select outstanding players for the country, squeezed shorty out of the general results we have seen, is really not!Since the Chinese Super League has become a dispensable chicken side, why do we continue to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to maintain it?So he can feed his fans and continue to eat leeks?Keep praying for a light that will never be seen?I don’t think so.I think the Chinese super league suspended, all to the youth club conveyor base, and powers to sign a player with football terms, the kids will really like huawei love football away, truly advanced training and system, especially the better effect of conveying the same place as a group, the club will go to play the role of a “mediation”,Providing a better platform for children seems to be the best bet so far.When these children, who have gone through the storm, can adapt to the competitive football environment, or can rely on their personal performance to really stand firm in a higher level league, then I think Chinese football will really have hope!Whether this group of people together, and for his nation or retirement can truly advanced some ideas and scientific training back, this is our own true wealth, when they really can bring the children of the most advanced ideas and training, we can correct to develop youth, to develop their own league, this is the fundamental of the development of football!This is the only way to get ahead!