This tianjin native, in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, personally, pass the national flag!

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Jinyun news: The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on the evening of February 4th instantly became a hot topic around the world.Whether it is the most environmentally friendly torch in history, or the countdown of the 24 solar terms, as well as the subtle design, it reveals China’s cultural confidence everywhere.Many people were moved by the scene of 176 flag-bearers passing the national flag in the entrance session.At the center of the Bird’s Nest stage, 12 children slowly unfurled the national flag.Accompanied by “My Country and ME,” the children passed the national flag to 176 representatives from all walks of life and 56 ethnic groups across the country.Hand in hand, the national flag will be passed to the hands of the national flag class.Miao miao (left) in the Olympics opening ceremony the delegates, both QiFa treasure, jing haipeng, Guo Wangang, Xu Zhenchao, mehmet jiang, we buy, ah wei six YingMo, also have come from the central university for nationalities, on behalf of the 56 ethnic groups of college students, and the people’s police and medical workers, community worker, express little elder brother, and so on.Among them, miaomiao, secretary of the CPC Committee and director of the neighborhood committee, came from Chaoyang District, Xinxing Street, Heping District, Tianjin.”As a grassroots community worker, I am very excited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, especially the sacred part of passing the National flag.”As a community worker, Miao Miao’s greatest sense of achievement is not that she can participate in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, but that she can bring the volunteer spirit to the site of the Winter Olympic Games and show the style of tianjin grassroots community members to the world.”It is a great honor to let the world see our young generation of community workers, young volunteers, we will fight for the motherland, and carry on.”The success of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games has made everyone involved very proud.Miao miao to reporters, said jin cloud after her return to tianjin, will put in the process of the Olympics opening ceremony in learned from YingMo and industry representatives, and feeling after watch the opening ceremony, has good absorption, and continue to work hard on the job, “at this moment, I want to said to the motherland, the motherland, I love you, our motherland will be more and more strong,Every Chinese should strive for it and continue to strive for it!Heart hands linked, together to the future!”(Liu Xin, Reporter from Jinyun) Source: Jinyun