The police dog often goes to the farmer’s market to train its concentration

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Qilu network · Lightning news February 4 – this year’s New Spring grass-roots, reporters squatted weihai public security police dog training base, record “police dog cultivation”, reveal the secret of dog training.Police dogs can dynamic prevention and control and precise attack in high incidence areas and key areas, giving the masses a sense of security.During the Spring Festival holiday, police training dogs “do not close”.Practice for war, in order to better close to the actual combat, mountain search and tracking is also a required course.Of course, the complexity of actual combat is far more than wind and rain.So, night training has become a normal subject.Weihai city public Security Bureau criminal investigation detachment five brigade deputy battalion chief Bi Ge song said that their base vegetable market is a good natural training ground.In order not to disturb business, he usually goes when the market is closing.Dogs like to eat meat, there are delis in the market, killing chickens and sheep and so on, sound and taste complex, police dogs will lower their heads repeatedly smell, to train it to concentrate on work.During the Spring Festival holiday, the police do not relax their dog training and are on duty 24 hours a day.Salute the police dog partner, give up the small home for everyone, keep the family reunion.Lightning news reporter Chen Zhifu tao Xiaodong reports