Qualified sunlight room basic four elements

2022-05-07 0 By

Nowadays more and more families are building sunhouses, the life style has changed, people are pursuing higher quality of life and higher spiritual level.Jinfeng sunroom company will share with you the basic points of qualified sunroom, I hope it can help you choose a sunroom.1, a qualified sun room should have a strong support frame, sun room is different from ordinary doors and Windows, it is a relatively systematic project, its own load will be very large, so now for the large span of the sun room generally use steel structure frame.2, the insulation of the sun room, which is also very important, we can choose hollow glass as the window glass of the sun room.3, the drainage system of the sun room, because most of the sun room is built outdoors, there is wind and rain all year round, so a better drainage system is very important.What we want to do is, no matter how heavy the wind and rain, the top of the sun room can be timely drainage water.4, the ventilation of the sun room is also very important, because poor ventilation will not only affect our health, but also affect our quality of life.Remind you, in the choice of Nanjing sunshine room manufacturers, do not blindly covet cheap.Of course, the more expensive the better.First of all, we should know what the sun room we build is for so as to have a clear positioning.