Lanzhou public security re-mobilization and re-deployment of the police stationed in the community work

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On the afternoon of January 28, Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau held a special meeting to remobilize and redeploy the police stationed in the community.Entrusted by Wang Lichao, deputy director of provincial Public Security Department, Deputy Mayor of Lanzhou city, Secretary of party Committee and Director of Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Fu Lianhong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Executive Deputy Director of Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.Fu Lianhong pointed out that the regular presence of government officials in community work is a strategic decision and deployment proposed by the Municipal Party Committee to improve the level of grassroots social governance, forge a cadre team to overcome difficulties and perform practical work, and systematically promote the high-quality development of Lanzhou.The main leaders of the Municipal Committee personally planned the deployment, presided over the standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and the in-depth reform committee of the Municipal Committee to study and promote, and put forward distinct work objectives and clear discipline requirements.The organization Department of municipal Party Committee requires the main leaders of municipal departments (units) to personally deploy, mobilize widely, strictly require, strengthen management, set up guidance, training cadres, take the lead in participation, demonstration leading.Fu Lianhong stressed that comrade li-chao wang attaches great importance to the normalized in community, the initial work will be to teach, for all involved departments, coordinated, vigorously promotes the implementation of unified thought, has special instructions, request a special meeting to mobilize to deploy again, to further promote metro authority normalized police presence powerful effective community work.Units must attach great importance to this, to promote the political stance, quickly to the municipal party committee and the city bureau party committee instructions to each policeman stationed and incentives to guide the whole police ideological understanding, and improve the active integrate and fulfillment of high responsibilities, to perfect show as lanzhou city public security good style of work, with solid measures to promote normalized stationed community work orderly further made solid progress.To improve the ideological understanding, to ensure that the garrison community work effectively carried out.In community work as comprehensively strengthen basic, overall style of forging quality, comprehensive, comprehensive promotion role and improve relationship between the level of the best platform, active sinking, sinking a line at the grassroots level to communicate with people feelings, exchange ideas, to further strengthen the work of public security, growing with the sex of the masses.Take the initiative to ensure strong progress in community work.Strictly to the municipal committee of the eight key tasks, according to the city bureau deployed and the city bureau party committee “scheme” arrangement, elaborate organization, fine propulsion, determined to do “to a man, to things to, people to the heart to”, actively integrated into the community, peace of mind take root in the community, community clerkstarts, be popular with the community people, useful to the community, community unforgettable person.To strengthen organizational leadership, to ensure the effectiveness of community work.To carry out this activity combined with daily public security work, and to strengthen the construction of ability of team together, and to promote transformation of cross combination, especially with the secretary of the party organization to grasp this year party construction project appraisal appraisal, promote scientific deployment, overall arrangement, an organic whole, to ensure that the organization in place, supervision, assessment in place, propaganda in place.Conference, Fu Lianhong normalized stationed police community with metro to each team leader, deputy head of heart-to-heart talks, emphasis on practical deployment of thought and action unity to the municipal party committee decision, understand deeply the significance of carrying out the work, improve the political stance, follow closely the situation task, read and municipal party committee of deployment, the plan calls for, to quickly grasp fast dry fast to carry out the action,Actively involved in, fulfill their duties, perseverance as an example, brave, strict discipline, fully show the party under the leadership of the new era of public security police self-restraint, selfless dedication to the good image.City public security Bureau party committee member, director of the political department Zheng Kun convey the spirit of relevant documents.In the bureau discipline inspection group, office, political department, police protection office responsible comrades, the municipal bureau organs police stationed in the community work as a leading group office, the stationed working group leader, deputy leader to attend the meeting.