Kid-friendly love in Starling City

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From March 10 to 13, in Changsha Planning Exhibition Hall, the book promotion activity of “Meeting the Future — Concept and Practice of Creating a Child-friendly City” (referred to as “Meeting the Future”) of the publicity series of “Master Territorial Space Plan of Changsha city (2021-2035)” was carried out in full force.On the 13th, on the occasion of the third anniversary of the establishment of “Changsha child-friendly Growth Tree”, Changsha Library launched a series of activities called “Scientific Child-friendly city Planning for children”.Changsha is a pioneer of child-friendly cities in China.Since 2015, When Changsha started the work of building a child-friendly city in China, it has made remarkable achievements through continuous exploration and innovation, and has also formed a batch of high-value practical achievements, providing changsha’s experience as an example for the whole country.In 2021, the Leading Group Office of changsha’s “Child-friendly City” Creation Work compiled and published the book “Meeting the Future”.In the same year, the Master Plan of Territorial Space of Changsha city (2021-2035) prepared by Changsha City was publicized, which keenly understood the needs of people of different ages. It proposed to build a friendly city for children, young people and elderly people, paying attention to the space needs of different groups.Children are the new force of the future. Changsha has a broad and promising way to build a child-friendly city.Future, changsha, natural resources and planning bureau will continue to put a child friendly concept to the countryside, to the industry chain extension, extending to other cities, gradually build up the changzhutan child friendly urban agglomeration, form more diverse children friendly city construction path, thus improve their feeling, happiness and security.Source: Changsha Evening News author: Liu Pan editor: Lv Zhouyang copyright belongs to the original author, pay tribute to the original