Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina’s past has been revealed: kissing muscular men in nightclubs, secretly selling goods by telephone

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Georgina – rodriguez will soon cristiano ronaldo to give birth to twins, but at this point, the Spanish press the daily goal is to expose the georgina of the past, a reality TV star called gonzalez said, he once and georgina spent a night in a nightclub, two people also kiss each other, and the next day, georgina initiative to send text messages,Offering to sell luxury goods and promising discounts.Seeing this kind of news, I wonder if Ronaldo will be jealous!Ronaldo’s girlfriend georgina, whom he met in 2015, was a far less glamorous woman at the time, working as a clerk in a luxury store, or rather as a shopping guide, in a low-paid job and living in poverty.At its lowest point, Georgina had to live in the basement.It should be said that georgina, at that time, was all about survival, she did not expect to live a very rich life.However, an encounter with Cristiano Ronaldo changed everything. After meeting Him, Georgina’s popularity increased greatly and she gradually became an Internet celebrity, model and businessman. At present, she is already a household name and has lived a rich lady’s life.Georgina lives in Cristiano ronaldo’s mansion, with a luxury car, a private jet, a nanny and a bodyguard.However, Ronaldo’s girlfriend also has a nasty past.”I met georgina in a private room. I had sex with her. I kissed her, and I don’t remember much.”Gonzalez also revealed that the two reconnected in 2015, the day after they met Georgina, who was promoting luxury goods. “WHEN I got home, she contacted me on my phone number and spoke to me again.”Gonzalez said he was approached by Georgina, who promised discounts on luxury goods if she came to the store.Two men met in 2015, but after met cristiano ronaldo, georgina for a long time no connect gonzalez, but let the latter strangely, in 2017, georgina again reached out to him, but two people and the story of what happened on earth, is not known, in the interview, gonzalez were not disclosed.