CCTV5 live!PK PK first will change: Wu Lei +3 big golden boots led, 11 straight wins

2022-05-07 0 By

At 20:00 on February 1st, Beijing time, the National football Team welcomed the 8th round of the World Preliminary Round of the Top 12 in Asia, the away match against the super skinny Vietnam team in the top 12, CCTV 5 continued to live broadcast.Vietnam team has lost 7 in a row, lost the opportunity to advance;Although China also basically lost the chance to qualify for the World Cup, but has 5 points, the overall strength and condition is significantly higher than Vietnam at least one level, this match is likely to continue the results of the first leg, China defeated Vietnam 3-2.Before the game, the national football coach Li Xiaopeng with Luo Guofu attended the press conference, Li Xiaopeng showed trump card, frank Luo Guofu will certainly start in this game, at the same time by the name of the rich bless the prosperity of the motherland, peaceful and peaceful.Talking about the preparation of the away trip, Li xiaopeng said: Vietnam team’s fighting spirit makes all the teams respect, here also wish the Vietnamese people a happy Spring Festival.Then Li Xiaopeng stressed that the National football team this service to play more confident to beat Vietnam.Luo Guofu upper, means that the first will change.From the well-known media “Beijing Youth Daily” reporter Xiao Hao’s news, The National football team PK fish belly team Vietnam to execute the attack tactics, Li Xiaopeng all-round sword, released the belief of victory.Reporters revealed that the National football team and Vietnam in the past 10 times in the international a-level competition, the National football team won 10 consecutive games, making the National football team has enough confidence to win again against Vietnam, for which Wei Shihao directly said: “our strength is stronger than them, will certainly win them.”The outdoor training of National football Team before the match exposed the tactical direction, with corner kicks, set pieces in front, shooting, combination of sides and flanking and shooting taking up a large proportion of the training, suggesting that National football team will adopt strong attack strategy, high play, and give full play to their physical and hard strength advantages.According to such thinking, basic emerge, the team’s starting 11 people, led by lei + 3 big golden boot, at 11 in a row against Vietnam, three golden boot are new native Chinese super golden boot striker yuning zhang, Chinese super golden boot veteran los national wealth, Europa league golden boot striker Alan, will show 4231 lineups, yuning zhang on top of the front, lei, los national wealth, Alan three avant-garde.Wu Xi and Xu Xin will be the two midfielders, wang Shanchao, Zhu Chenjie, Jiang Guangtai and Zhang Linpeng will line up at the back from left to right, and Yan Junling will be the goalkeeper.This set of starting will be the current stage of China’s strongest attacking lineup, Wei Shihao, Jin Jingdao, Zheng Zheng, Dai Weijun and other people into the bench.Given that Zhang yuning performed well against Japan in the last round, but lacked sufficient support, if China can combine with Wu Lei, Luo Guofu and Alan, they will continue to match Vietnam’s attacking firepower in the first leg and could score three goals or more.Defensively, China’s midfield interception is not strong enough, the overall connection between the middle and back court is not smooth, and the defensive gaps on both sides of the ribs are relatively large. The full-court high pressure pressing and the kicking method of attacking instead of defending may make China get rid of the embarrassment of conceding 2 goals against Vietnam in the first leg. Whether the defense can be adjusted well will also determine the outcome of this match.