Binhai: to create a beautiful village with a high level of appearance, ecological and livable

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Yangzi evening news network – February 26 (reporter ShengWei for marina Xuan journalists Fan Muxiao child) into the binhai county, yancheng city, north street n shall be concentrated residential area, and wide flat roads, a park white wall building let a person shine at the moment, parking lot, fitness, the village square, a public service center and readily available, the villagers felt like city life convenient and comfortable.Talking about the living environment now, Chen Qinglong, a villager, praises the party’s policies.Her house in disrepair before, after the village planning and construction of concentrated residential area, he only spent more than a hundred thousand yuan on the upper and lower floors of 180 square meters, there is a spacious courtyard of the new home.What makes her most satisfied is that the village has a unified garden for each door. “You can grow some fruits and vegetables, very convenient, with a rural atmosphere!”New rural community, Changfa Village, Kanbei Street, Binhai County, “Build a picture of the countryside, leaving homesickness in the dream.We have painted pictures of civilized etiquette on the walls, and we have carried out regular services such as sending dramas to the countryside and moral lectures. Villagers’ lives have been enriched, traditional culture has been promoted, and the atmosphere of civilized countryside has become stronger and stronger.”The relevant person in charge of the publicity department of Binhai County Party Committee said that Binhai organically combined the construction of farmers’ concentrated residential areas with industrial development and rural tourism, so that farmers can live in a more “secure” and effectively enhance the internal power of rural development.”The starting point and goal of rural vitalization is to make people’s lives better.We improved the construction and management of market towns, vigorously carried out urban renewal, renovated 7.216 rundown urban areas covering 1.06 million square meters, renovated 13 old residential areas, and opened to traffic five roads, including the East extension of Haibin Avenue.”Binhai County housing bureau related person in charge told reporters that the county to build 16 new rural communities, upgrade the “four good rural road” 73, into the municipal characteristics of rural villages 3, rural sewage treatment to achieve full coverage of administrative villages.Rural public infrastructure is an important support of implementation of rural revitalization, binhai county town of days in grasp righteousness village for the pilot, adjust measures to local conditions to deepen reform of rural public infrastructure management system, has won four sides praised: “, this kind of visual intelligent management system can help the managers to master information, designing a more reasonable decisions, make standardization for rural governance mode.”In addition, binhai rammed industrial support, strengthen characteristic industry, improve the construction of 200,000 mu of high-standard farmland, won the provincial agricultural product quality safety county;The agricultural socialized Service Alliance was selected as a national innovation case, and the ecological environment has been continuously improved.Proofread by Sheng Yuanyuan