“Condor Heroes” in the end, Yang Guo is how to die?

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At the end of the Return of the Condor Heroes, Yang Guo killed Mongolian Khan Mengge outside Xiangyang, and the world has been at peace for 13 years.At that time, Yang Guo and Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Huang Yaoshi and others went to Mount Huashan to worship Hong Qigong, all in huashan after a tour, Yang Guo a “good today, haoxing is not shallow, meet in the river’s lake, and then when a cup of wine.Let’s say goodbye.”Since then, the condor heroes, extinct outside the river’s lake.Two or three years later (about ten years before the ruins of Xiangyang), Guo Xiang went to Zhongnan Mountain and met the maids of Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu at the tomb of the Living Dead. Two maids came out of the tomb and said that Yang Guo and his wife had not returned, so they invited Guo Xiang to stay in the tomb for three days.However, the couple did not explain the date of their return, Guo Xiang went out to walk at will again, she from north to south, and from east to west, almost traveled to more than half of the Central Plains, never heard anyone talk about the near news of the divine eagle Yang Guo.Although Guo Xiang did not meet Yang Guo this time, but does not represent her later will not come to the tomb to visit Yang Guo, already know Yang Guo’s residence, so she and Yang Guo meet the probability will be very large.Thirteen years later, when The city of Xiangyang was destroyed (Guo Xiang was about 29 and Yang Guo was about 50, if he had children, they should have been about 10), the traces of the masters in the era of The Divine Conscription disappeared completely. After more than eighty years, people did not mention these legendary figures again until the era of The Annals of Heaven And Dragon Slaughter.One of the extinction teacher before dying to Zhou Zhi if the story of that wulin secret xin, which will hide the end of Yang Guo.Lao Nun Quan once said, “Therefore, she hired an expert craftsman to melt down a basalt iron heavy sword that the divine eagle master Yang Guo had left as a gift to Master Guo, and then added western fine gold to make a dragon slayer.”This passage is all that matters, because one thing we can learn from it is that Guo Xiang will surely meet Yang Guo in the future.In xiangyang’s war against Yang Guo and the King of The Golden Wheel, Yang guo did not carry his heavy sword, and he did not give it to Guo xiang before he met him. Therefore, it can be seen that Yang Guo gave it to Guo Xiang after he retired.Yang Guo, small dragon female inadvertently enter all corners of the country, 2 people experience all thousand xin, yearning not to be disturbed by the person’s life: Yang Guo does not wish to see any world at this time, to wu Lin character is more hate, turn a way: “someone outside, you go to sleep on the bed inside, pretend to be sick.”So it is unlikely that they would go to Xiangyang city to leave the epee to Guo Xiang.We mentioned above that Guo Xiang met Yang Guo’s maid in the ancient tomb, so we can guess the experience of Yang Guo giving guo Xiang a sword: Guo Xiang went to the ancient tomb and met Yang Guo, and Yang Guo left guo Xiang the heavy sword at this time.In the “condor Heroes” end, Yang Guo retired before guo Xiang made a commitment: “little sister, you take care of yourself, if you have what is difficult, although no needle, still can come to me for you.”Thirteen years later, Xiangyang was besieged. In Guo Xiang’s mind, nothing was impossible for Yang Guo. If he wanted to rescue his father, who else had the skill and qualification except Yang Guo?Extinction teacher too last words said: master a meal, then: “Xiangyang city broken, Guo Da Xia couple and Guo Gong broken rupp at the same time, dragon knife unknown whereabouts.Kwak joo was in Seocheon at that time, but it was too late to save his parents and relatives…….Guo Xiang’s martial arts are low, even if return to have what effect again?Why did she say she wanted to go back and “save” her father?Not that he went back to “help” his father?The only possibility is that she has found Yang Guo, so Jin Yong added a word “rescue”, otherwise with Guo Xiang’s ability, how can “rescue” say?She’s lucky to be alive on her own.From his last words, we can know that Guo Xiang finally met Yang Guo and got Yang Guo’s iron esaber through his own efforts.At the end of The divine Eagle, Yang Guo made a promise to Guo Xiang, so when Xiangyang besieged the city, Guo Xiang had a reason to ask Yang Guo for help. The tomb was Yang Guo’s hideaway, and guo Xiang was likely to find Yang Guo.So we can get a conclusion: When the city of Xiangyang collapsed, Yang Guo had to rescue Guo Jing and Huang Rong.So did Yang Guo die in this war?I think there’s a good chance.One: Yang guo is the generation of death, never the shendiao end after he saw little dragon female is not like ordinary people choose a place together, lest delay the good time, on the contrary, he willing to pay his own soul: in order to assist the people thought yang2 guo4: “this life and the dragon son heavy will, god really treated me to thick, died today, has lived.It is the best place for a man to die fighting for his country.”Obviously, he will not become a generation because of the little dragon woman’s feetie, Xiangyang city broken, Guo Jing, Huang Rong died in battle, with Yang guo’s character, with Yang Guo’s feelings for Guo Jing, he will fight to the end, even if only left a soldier.Second, after the destruction of Xiangyang, Guo Xiang became disheartened and became a nun in Mount Emei at the age of 40.What kind of shock made her lose all faith in life?Is it because of Yang Guo’s love?I don’t think so. She told her parents that she wanted to go on a sightseeing trip, but she really wanted to ask for news of Yang Guo. She didn’t necessarily want to meet him and his wife, but she would be satisfied to hear some news of how Yang Guo was doing in the rivers and lakes.Therefore, it does not matter whether Yang Guo has been loved or not. Guo Xiang obviously will not become a monk because of this, so the only possibility is that Yang Guo has died, which is the only key to facilitating Guo Xiang’s becoming a monk.Taking shi Tai’s last words as the starting point, through the analysis of every detail in the novel, we can basically confirm a fact: Yang Guo died in the city of Xiangyang.