A must for Chinese New Year!Jinan Pingyin pattern steamed bread “steamed” a sweet New Year taste

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Qilu Evening News • Qilu One point reporter Cheng Linggrun correspondent Ge Chengru Zhang Chunxu The Spring Festival holiday, Jinan Pingyin hole village steamed bread processing workshop pattern steamed bread ushered in the sales season, the pastry makers of pattern steamed bread began to get busy in an orderly way, working overtime to rush the system, the supply of holiday market and order users.Pastry chefs show their skills, kneading, kneading, cutting, carving patterns…Pieces of palmsize dough, knead in their hands a few times, not only changed into the common nest, jujube roll and other patterns, but also changed into longevity peach, noodles fish, yuan Bao and other lovely shapes, beautiful shape, lifelike, amazing.”Steamed buns with patterns like this need to go through multiple production processes such as dough mixing, fermentation, posing, awakening and steaming, and complicated patterns even need more time.”Pastry chef Shao Jinyu said that this year, they made a variety of shapes, different colors are vegetable juice and noodles, both healthy, good-looking and delicious.From the current market feedback, favored by consumers.”Different patterns are full of different auspicious meanings and expectations.Fish is more than every year, ingot is a treasure, apple is peace and contentment.”In addition to steamed bread and flower roll, there are flower cake, bean bun, sticky wo wo and red date steamed bread.It is important to note that the cakes, cakes modelling is vivid, than a layer of a layer, layer upon layer with full big jujube, using the red jujube and flour to make into the shape of a pagoda, coping with all sorts of modelling to try to adorn, the significance of life thriving, high life year after year, not only enhances the lunar New Year festival atmosphere, more for the good will of people for New Year new life progresses day by day.In the exhibition area, filled with some already done pattern steamed buns, I saw a colorful, novel and unique, vivid, dizzying people, in advance to feel the thick flavor of the New Year.These elegant shapes, auspicious meaning of “pattern steamed bread” attracted many people to come to buy.With the arrival of the New Year, orders are coming, they will recently work overtime to complete the pattern of steamed buns.It is understood that the pattern of steamed bread sales is mainly offline sales, supplemented by online sales.”As far as Shanghai, Anhui, near jinan, Liaocheng, Feicheng and other nearby areas, but also sold to the major supermarkets in our county, there will be orders every day.”Li Shuqin, the pastry chef in charge of packing the gift box, said happily.”Because we are retired at home and have plenty of time on weekdays, we just come here because of such an opportunity. We can not only master a skill, but also earn some money, and realize re-employment at home.”