Bottled liquor can not be above the bus, it is worth a Chen

2022-05-05 0 By

The so-called barreled white wine, is to use plastic barrels as containers for the packaging of white wine, commonly known as loose white wine, mostly to five catties, eight catties of this weight, and is based on high alcohol.Its main consumers are the middle – and low-income elderly.The following is a story I saw with my own eyes: an old man carrying a bucket of liquor was refused by the bus driver on the grounds that he was carrying inflammable and explosive materials.I wonder if such a rule is correct?On the one hand, this is a regular commodity sold on supermarket shelves, on the other hand, it does belong to flammable and explosive dangerous goods.But surely it should not be carried on public transport?This is a topic that really needs clarity!I think our society is not so unstable that it would be a bit overwrought to not allow public transport for a product that is normally on the market.This runs counter to the propaganda of a harmonious society.Do you agree with me?Of course, I understand the rules for planes and high-speed trains, but the same is true for buses in the city, which I think is a bit reckless.Welcome discussion, criticism and correction!