Ask Buddha (poetry) Shaanxi Zhang Xingui

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Ask Buddha (Poems and songs)Zhang Xingui (a) see temple incense Buddha kowtow, this is my wish it is the road to my dream through the years I have been go today this is my life through the buddhist’s (2) and he never said he knew Buddha causal every word can be powerful waves I know want to understand the world become a Buddha is unable to speak (3) asked Buddha do Buddha did not answer a good-natured is the kind you smileThere may be a lot of people blame the smallest courtesies along the rough roads of ask your life have only a few feet flat road (4) asked Buddha Buddha smiled happy you have sad must fo not to change a smile along the way you want to what is good or bad you know what need to ask Buddha (5) Trinidad incense is use to think in the heart of Buddha knew before the Buddha asked Buddha not once had also face home (6) donate son must want to blissSun asked Buddha Buddha not language do you use work to earn some money go thousands of miles along the heart save good thoughts just to knock a few heads to see Buddha smiled his peace (7) asked Buddha Buddha said karma life Buddha has repeated millions of times to fix a plastic temple is a statue of Buddha you are prompted to heaven to view everything you do (8) the one thousand buddhist temples still unchanged, ten million people in the maintenance of learned not to do something good must haveThe Buddha’s wish is to let what Buddha said (nine) asked Buddha Buddha smile just don’t talk is to test your answer buddhist monk dozen Buddha Buddha said to you said that you didn’t listen to heaven without constant and good affinity (10) asked Buddha Buddha is the Buddha in the smile of the charity said no evil wang yan is the Buddha’s wish hearts no evil is good himself became a Buddha