An yixuan distanced himself?Zhao Luthro is a lost ship?Thunder sound chong award?Transformation of Cheng Yi?

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Zhao Lusi and Luo Yizhou partner, they do not feel the coffee is very compatible?”After the wave” these two days will start, Zhao Lu Si was set last July, Luo Yizhou about last October only alternative, Luo Yizhou in this play has been relatively big controversy, mainly he almost no acting experience, the first actor or non rice circle drama.In addition, he is now mainly a member of the male group, into the group “After wave” for a few months, for the limited time team for this point will inevitably have some opinions.But after the wave, besides, conferring thought and Luo Yizhou, wu gang, where my several old play bone drama, and was the task, the whole team and subject matter are relatively good, so want to go the way of actor Luo Yizhou can ride really is lucky, now have a question to normal, after all, you don’t know about him, the face of the question in this case, the final take work to talk,Just look at the effect.Is Cheng Yi sure to star in No Lawsuit before Court?Wang Kai because of the scheduling problem not to pick up “no lawsuit before the court”, Cheng Yi the fastest contact drama, cheng Yi at the end of January has been determined to pick up, but then she Zhou Yutong is still to be determined, now two people have been determined to play, is expected to boot around this month 25.The court before no suit belongs to the legal subject, but the director Liu Guotong level is not very stable, such as the under dress, there are some low score, screenwriter Gu Huijun past works are also “the negotiator”, this kind of parents at the weekend, the whole team is not enough bright eye, and the court before no suit in portraits of young judge’s signature,But the net friend is very afraid to shoot bad and become in the name of workplace drama suspension play.03. Will the broadcast of The World give Lei Jiayin a boost?”The world” is CCTV to open year big play, from play producer can see, this is mainly involved in CCTV, so actors are all the older generation of “familiar face” acting party, Lei Jiayin in this kind of gift big play can get male one, after broadcast he must have qualitative promotion.Lei Jiayin a few years ago also pick up male two, these two years he got the resources mostly from Beijing circle, now basically uniform handed to the book are male master.But also lei Jiayin’s acting can hold up, “the world” of the audience is wider, the Lei Jiayin and enhance the national degree, behind the drama is also likely to win the prize.You can tell Acting in a Trailer for ‘Nobody’?”Nobody” has been seen by many audiences since the first day of the Chinese New Year, and today the first trailer is finally here.No matter from the lighting, lens or character lines, it is really good, the atmosphere is very well controlled, but a total of half a minute of the trailer, the acting quarrel to quarrel is not necessary, but also to see the film.When the film was shot, the time schedule was relatively tight. The film was posted on the cinema patch and trailer shortly after the shooting, indicating that the film would not be too slow to be set.5. Does she not know what An Yixuan’s husband does and she is not affected at all?Recently, Taiwan media reported that according to friends of An Yixuan, An Yixuan did not eat or drink for several days, in tears, so that her family and friends are very worried that she will have a heart attack.Although most of the netizens can’t sympathize with Him, an Yixuan should sell miserably.Ann the husband married a really rich, but they also have various protocols, before marriage now that something had happened, she do so must have the feelings of composition in, but there have also been distancing himself, subsequent outlet can be either a divorce, or take out evidence to prove that he is not involved in, or the husband inside be questioned, I really don’t know who are involved in.06. When will Zhang Wanyi have a new film?And Sun Yi partner “I know I love you” is quick boot, meaning a night before the middle of this month will take sport into the group, the modern drama shooting cycle is 5 months, but the sauvignon blanc the show, he was always trying to march on the sauvignon blanc is the fastest, if really can campaign, then coordinated time is also a problem, it is easy to say rolling play.Are xiao S and Huang Zi Jiao trying to end their love affair?A few days ago, huang Zijiao gave A plaque of “Yazhou Di Yi” to Xiao S in the “2022 Super Star Red and White Art Awards”, which was a return gift for the plaque that Xiao S had given him in the new program not long ago, “as bright as paint”.Both of them have families, and it’s tiring to see them repeatedly use their past relationships as a conversation piece and a joke.Recently Wang Xiaofei’s reputation bankruptcy let the size of S sisters’ goodwill and come up some, if there is a suitable opportunity and invitation, the small S will come to the mainland to work, after all, in the Bay bay noise again big income is limited.The resources in the circle yu Hewei led the “I am Interpol” prepared for the second quarter of iQiyi.The variety show “Praise for Song 2” will invite: Wang Jiaer, Yu Kewei, Yang Zongwei, Ma Siwei, Zhou Shen, etc.Andy Lau starred, ning Hao director of the “star” is expected to be in the middle of this month in Shenzhen boot.Ma Wenyuan, Hu Yixuan is basically confirmed as youku warm healing network drama “Hi, your spatula” starring.Ren Jialun is tentatively cast as the leading actor in “51day”.”Hurricane” starring Zhang Yi, Zhang Songwen, Li Yitong, Ni Dahong, Han Tongsheng and Wu Gang will be broadcast in the second quarter of iQiyi.Naza and Xu Kaicheng are tentatively slated to star in an online drama based on the novel of the same name.Zhao Liying is tentatively set to star in The movie, which is expected to start filming in March.