What is the taste of New Year in memory?How did Lao She celebrate Chinese New Year in her childhood

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Mr. Lao She once wrote an article called “Chinese New Year”.This article is full of the author’s deep love for The Chinese New Year and records the flavor he misses most.Snow To northerners, snow and the year go hand in hand.Because it snows, it means “New Year is not far away”.In the northeast “an endless world of snow.The mountains, the fields, the houses, and the trees were covered with white snow.Lao She thinks that “Ji ‘nan’s winter under a little snow is the best”.”Chinese New Year”, because saw the snow, Lao She was happy, through the snow, even “see the heavy snow bending branches are also shaking the joy of spring”.The New Year is coming…Mr. Lao She said, “Those traditional New Year pictures left a deep impression on me, now think of it is still beautiful, the thick paper, emitting the fragrance of ink, in the young heart, has taken it as a symbol of the year.”Yes, when Runyang was a child, every Chinese New Year, the family would buy New Year pictures. On the 28th day, mother would put up New Year pictures, which made the house warm and bright.The mood of anxious New Year is urgent again.Visiting other people’s home, the most like to see is their New Year’s pictures.New Year pictures also hint at the family’s aesthetic level.Eat meat.Old people have a saying: “Children, children, you do not greedy, the Laba festival.Don’t cry, you will kill pigs after laba.”Twenty-six, kill the New Year pig.Not all families can afford to kill a pig.And the family that killed a pig all want to arrange a meal, entertain a village neighbor close wei.We these children eat not much meat, is to figure a lively, outside the house of the scurrying.In the past, children most look forward to the New Year, because usually at home to eat sorghum rice, corn flour cake belly no oil and water.Chinese New Year can eat meat, dumplings, can improve life.So the Spring Festival is a good opportunity for children to satisfy their cravings.Steamed rice cake, steamed buns, stewed meat.In “Chinese New Year”, it is written that the author’s mother was busy steaming rice cakes and steamed buns a few days before the New Year’s Eve.With a cauldron of subjects.I was standing on the edge of the pot, staring at the pot closely, smelling the fragrance that floated out, I do not know that saliva has been flowing down.My mother would lift the lid of the pot and put a small piece of meat in the bowl with chopsticks. I would reach out and take it without burning my mouth and bite it down.In winter in the north, there is a kind of pear that is frozen black, which is called frozen autumn pear.Frozen autumn pears are very black on the outside, but very white on the inside, with juicy flesh.Defrost in cold water before eating.Frozen avocados don’t defrost completely. They don’t taste good.You have to wear ice pieces to have a good taste.Ice ice cool, sour sweet taste is unforgettable, memorable.I like to eat frozen pears, when the “rustling” sound, the white pear meat brought sour and sweet, always let me aftertaste endless.Of course, only Chinese New Year can buy pears to eat.The writer’s father was good at calligraphy, so many people came to his house to write couplets, all lined up. His father dipped himself in ink and wrote auspicious couplets on pieces of cut red paper.When the red couplets are pasted on the walls and doors, the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival is immediately released.Put on New Clothes and Socks The night before New Year’s Eve, small children will get out their new clothes and turn them over and over.In the past, new clothes were not bought as often as they are now. In the past, it was very rare to wear new clothes all year round, and most of them were only worn during the New Year.Children go to bed early in the small feet clean, new shoes, new socks placed beside the pillow.Watch, watch and fall asleep.New Year’s Eve is also called New Year’s Eve. Every family is decorated with lanterns and everyone is beaming.New Year’s Eve morning to set off firecrackers, whose firecrackers put early, loud, whose day is the most prosperous.When the author was a child, he heard the sound of firecrackers at thirty in the morning and his father told him to set off firecrackers. He would get up, put on new clothes and shoes, and run outside to set off firecrackers.On New Year’s Eve, the most important activity is called hair paper. The climax of the Chinese New Year in our north is New Year’s Eve. The most important activity is called hair paper.It is said that the southern Gate of heaven will open at that time, and the immortals from heaven will descend to the earth one by one. Therefore, those who worship the gods will go out and “invite” them.Of course, there are also people who say that those who are quite “lucky” will see the southern Gate open, and that such people will certainly enjoy prosperity and wealth in the future, but no one can prove that.Hair paper is the custom of the Northern rural Chinese New Year.In the evening of 30, they would set wine and dishes on the altar table and light incense. They would fire fire in the courtyard with sesame straw, bean straw or cotton wood, burn paper and kowtow, and worship the gods of heaven, earth and the three realms, which was called “paper horse”.In the paper before the father always ahead of the firecrackers tied to a big pole, against the corner, waiting to be released.Around ten o ‘clock, the surrounding villages start handing out papers.The sound of firecrackers rose and fell, rang non-stop, the firelight reflected the bright horizon.At half past eleven, my father called us out and started busy, some point firecrackers, some point a fire, mother is cooking in the house.Bonfires rang out throughout the night.The fire reflected the red smiling face, we jumped around the fire, Shouting, running, that moment, feel oneself is the happiest person in the world.Eat dinner on New Year’s Eve the evening of 30 should eat dinner on New Year’s Eve.The housewife cooks a big table, and the whole family sits together eating and drinking in a round circle.When making dumplings, a coin will be put into the dumplings.When eating dumplings, whoever eats a coin, it indicates that the year will have good luck.When the author was a child, there was a Chinese New Year when no one could eat coin dumplings.”Finally found it under my little butt.”Shousui New Year’s Eve dinner after the “shousui” said, the so-called “one night even two years old, five more points two years.”After the New Year’s Eve dinner, small partners with lanterns, go out to play, found that there are firecrackers on the ground to pick up home, some can also put, have a good time.If the children are tired of playing, “wherever they go, they will treat us with good food and drink.”