Short stature | Shijiazhuang Port big women’s and children’s hospital: what are the factors that affect children to grow tall?

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Recently received a lot of parents’ private letter “how old children can play growth hormone” “how to judge whether children can also grow tall” “children grow shorter than peers how to do”…Huang Liming, director of Shijiazhuang Port University Women’s and children’s Hospital, said that in fact, growth hormone can be used with age does not have much to do with judging whether it can grow tall, mainly with epiphyseal line closure and the child’s body many parents found that children grow slowly, long not high, began to consider the child injection of growth hormone.In fact, growth hormone injection is mainly for short stature, not the child is not tall enough to use growth hormone, the premise of whether it can be used is to go to the relevant departments of the regular hospital for a comprehensive examination, listen to the advice of professional doctors.Is height not enough to hit growth hormone to be able to grow tall?Huang Director says, growth hormone is a kind of hormone that human body pituitary secretes, have important effect to the child’s growth.If growth hormone is lacking in growth and development process, short stature may appear.Although, children lack growth hormone, it is true that the disease can occur, resulting in short stature.But not all short stature is caused by a lack of growth hormone. There are many factors that can affect a child’s height.1, genetic genes generally speaking, parents grow tall, the child’s height is also high, the child’s height is affected by genetic genes accounted for 70% of the high.2. Environmental factors Environmental factors are also important, such as a balanced diet, moderate exercise, adequate sleep and a good attitude, which can affect a child’s height.If your child is much taller than a normal child of the same age, you need to check for thyroid hormones.Because thyroid hormone plays an important role in a child’s nervous system and overall development.Growth hormone also needs to check, if growth hormone level is too low, can bring about short stature.Growth hormone more in the evening at 10 o ‘clock, this time to ensure adequate sleep.But also with a reasonable diet, the right amount of exercise, increase muscle tissue stimulation to bone, can make the child healthy and tall.So for parents “how old children can play growth hormone” “how to judge whether children can grow tall” “children grow shorter than their peers how to do” these problems, to the child’s growth and development for a detailed examination and comprehensive analysis, judge the child is because of what kind of reason, and then symptomatic treatment.If simply because of short to play growth hormone, medicine is not symptomatic, will only backfire.