Nanjing Xuanwu District Xianju Yayuan community to carry out hand-painted calendar activities

2022-05-04 0 By

In order to let young people draw nutrients from excellent traditional culture, feel the broad and profound traditional Chinese culture, in the morning of February 19, xuanwu Lake street Xianju Yayuan community residents school held a “clever hand-painted calendar” activity, guide children to draw their New Year wishes on the calendar.In the activity, under the patient guidance of the staff, the children together around the theme, imagination, bold creation, the enthusiasm of their own impression of the New Year, yearning and longing into the hand-painted calendar.The children drew a lovely tiger in the central drawing part of the calendar with different colors, which was full of New Year flavor.After nearly 2 hours of creation time, the New Year’s calendar with different features is completed one by one, each calendar is unique.The children expressed their wishes for the New Year by hanging their own calendars.This activity not only enriched the students’ leisure life, but also enhanced the students’ sense of identity and pride to their country and nation, and enhanced their cultural confidence.Creative works show the wisdom of children in the community, we feel the atmosphere of the festival in the process of making.Xuanwu Lake Community Education Center Xianju Yayuan Community Resident School