Using three “golden 30 seconds”, the police in the subway cracks in the sound to find things

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In the morning of February 18th, Ms. Zhao, a citizen of Wuhan, commissioned her mother to send a banner with “high professional skills in handling affairs” to the Police office of Hong Kong Road station of Wuhan Subway Line 3.Originally, Ms. Zhao’s mobile phone accidentally fell into the carriage and platform gap, subway police three times waiting for the train into the station, using the door to open the “golden 30 seconds”, repeatedly listen to find the lost mobile phone.A week ago, a passenger surnamed Zhao lost a mobile phone worth more than 8,000 yuan when she was transferring at Hong Kong Road subway station of Wuhan Metro Line 3.She searched through GPS positioning, mobile phone in fan Lake station outside a community, change, in order to suspect that the mobile phone was lost after being picked up.After Ms. Zhao called the police for help, police officers Yu Suo and Zhang Lu, who were patrolling the station, immediately adjusted the track of Ms. Zhao’s car in the surveillance video.According to the surveillance video, Zhao got off at Hong Kong Road station and transferred to Line 7 after arriving at Luojiazhuang station of Line 3.Due to the urgency of time, Ms. Zhao jogged all the way to line 7 toward qinglongshan subway.At that point, police saw in the video that her phone had slipped out of her jacket pocket, but not onto the platform.According to Ms. Zhao’s recollection, the mobile phone was not in the carriage either.According to the police know clues analysis, mobile phone is very likely to fall in the compartment and platform of the crack.Immediately, in the lock with Ms. Zhao came to the platform, open mobile phone positioning search function.But affected by the signal, the positioning display is not accurate, the data is always changing, which adds difficulties to the search work.This is a subway train coming into the platform, locked waiting for the train to stop and open the screen door moment, through the gap to look down, but there is a blue reflective band in the gap, can not clearly see the situation in the gap.But under, two people can only continue to use positioning bell search, but the noise on the platform, the bell appears very weak.Yu Suo combined the above two methods, while waiting for the train to enter the station, while asking Ms. Zhao to open the positioning bell after the door is opened.However, the subway comes in every three minutes, and you can only bend over and listen to the sound for 30 seconds while the door is open.There was too little time to catch it, and the first train closed and left.Yu Suo did not give up, patiently waiting for the arrival of the second train, grasp this “golden 30 seconds” and then bent to listen, which know failure again.”Wait one more time!Yu Suo and so on to the third train, this time, he finally heard the weak mobile phone ring under the 22 screen door.”I didn’t expect the phone really dropped in the gap, thank you so much!”Ms. Zhao held Yu Suo’s hand, hard to hide the excited mood.After returning to the car control room, Yu Shuo explained the situation to the station. When the train stopped running and power was cut off in the early morning, he successfully helped Ms. Zhao take out her mobile phone.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.