It’s a loss, paying the electricity and being cut off!Two civil servants in Myanmar absconded after collecting electricity bills

2022-05-03 0 By

With electricity in short supply in Myanmar, power cuts have become a fact of life.However, since February 1, 2021, power outages have become more frequent in places including Yangon and Mandalay due to multiple factors.Since last year, people who were already struggling due to COVID-19 and other factors have received bills for electricity bills for several months at a time.At the same time, relevant departments issued a notice, do not pay the electricity will be cut off.Meanwhile, a series of explosions hit power stations in several places, leaving some people in line to pay their electricity bills terrified.Amid the tensions, many people chose to pay their electricity bills despite their hardship.After all, it’s really hard to live without electricity.However, in The town of Angbaa Dasan in Mandalay city, people who have paid their electricity bills are still cut off.What the hell is going on?It turned out that two civil servants of the electricity bureau in Mandalay city ran away with the money after collecting electricity bills, causing difficulties for people who had paid electricity bills to the two.’We paid our electricity bill and now we’re cut off,’ said one person whose home was cut off.When we went to the electricity board to inquire, we learned that the two civil servants who had collected our electricity had run away with the money, so we were not on the electricity board’s billing list and we were cut off.The electricity authority responded that the electricity bill had not been paid to the authority’s account, so people were cut off.At present, two people who absconded with the money have been registered.Sources said the two who escaped with the money were two clerks of the Mandalay Power Supply Company and the Electricity bureau of Angbaa Dasan town, and one of them was a family member of a policeman.One of the two who escaped is a family member of a police officer who lives in the police yard, said a citizen who was taken away with electricity bills.Because of the situation, we did not dare to go to the electricity board to pay the electricity bill. They are the electricity board themselves. After they came to collect the electricity bill, we paid the electricity bill.I didn’t expect 2 people to run away, now we have reported the case.It is reported that the electricity bureau of Angbaa Dasan township has dismissed two civil servants who escaped with the money and reported them to the police.