I was on the subway in North Korea, and I ran into a north Korean girl

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When I was in Pyongyang, NORTH Korea, I took the Pyongyang subway.I had heard that Pyongyang’s subway was very deep, but I felt a little scared when I got on the elevator that went underground.Off the elevator, through a damp underpass, and soon into the platform.The platform of pingrang subway is very spectacular, the whole platform hall looks like an underground palace.In exclamation, the subway station arrived.I was about to get on the bus when I saw a north Korean girl wearing a red scarf blocking our way in front of us.When she found that she was blocking my way, the little girl turned sideways and politely bent over to me, indicating that I should go in first.I condescendingly and finally we both got into the carriage at the same time.There weren’t many people in the train, but the seats were almost full and there was just one seat available.The little girl looked at her seat and waved to me.However, it is a traditional virtue to give up my seat to the old and infirm. How can I sit bashfully?Then motioned the little girl to sit by herself, but I do not understand Korean, she said several words to me, I did not understand a word.I tried to persuade her to sit down, but she didn’t understand either.In the end, we all smiled and nodded without sitting down.The train was moving very fast. Soon I arrived at the station and found that we were getting off. The girl smiled and waved at us.I took a Parker pen and a box of chocolates from my pocket and handed them to the little girl.But the little girl would not.But I finally gave it to her and hurried out of the car. The little girl held it and looked at me with some trepidation. She smiled and waved to me.