Real estate Lingui, down payment of 50,000, there are 26 plates for you to choose

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One of the most important factors in buying a house is whether the down payment is enough.In the last issue, it was said that Mr. Fang made a down payment pyramid for a house in guilin’s main urban area, which triggered a heated discussion.Some netizens said that the initial urban down payment of 100,000 yuan, just need really can not reach ah.This, said room gentleman statistics face GUI 41 to be in sell building dish newest house price, lowest 50 thousand yuan rises, highest 130 thousand yuan rises, what building dish can the budget that sees you choose?Note: The following down payment pyramid is calculated according to 20% of the down payment. The minimum apartment type, the starting price (average price) and the first suite of the real estate are currently on sale, and are rounded to the actual sales office for reference only.Down payment of more than 50 thousand 26 plates in Lingui, most of the buyers slant just need, more concerned about is low down payment can get on the car.According to said room jun collated in January lingui each real estate the latest prices, will be in the sale of real estate minimum down payment calculation.Among them 50 thousand yuan from the building has 1 dish, 60 thousand yuan from 2 dish, 70 thousand yuan from 4 dish, 80 thousand yuan from 7 dish, 90 thousand yuan from 12 dish.From the table, it is not difficult to see that there are only 4 real estate projects with initial down payment of 50,000-90,000 yuan in the municipal core area centered on one courtyard and two pavilions. the rest are mostly located in lingui North plate, old city plate, Yangtang Industrial park plate and other areas.In terms of urban construction facilities and other aspects, these areas do not have prominent advantages, so the housing price is basically between 4500-5300 yuan/square meter, and the down payment is naturally lower.If you want to buy a house in the municipal sector, you can first look at the small apartments of Huirong Guilin guilin, Guilin Olympic Garden, Changtai Joongang City, New City Investment, Pansan and Won.Located in Renhe Road, downstairs is renhe Market, close to the landscape park, driving 5 minutes to a courtyard and two pavilions, Guilin Wuyue Square, etc.At present, the project is sold to the existing house, which can be renovated immediately.A few days ago, Mr. Fang went to the project marketing center and calculated a flat of 67 square meters with two rooms. After the discount, the unit price was 5,030 yuan/square meter, and the down payment was about 67,000 yuan.Based on the 20% down payment ratio of the first suite, the lowest down payment in Lingui is greater China Health Care Valley, where the down payment is about 50,000 yuan for small apartments of 44 square meters.The project is located at No. 1, Zhongyin West Road, just across from Xiufeng by Houshan. It takes 10 minutes to drive to the Business circle of Guilin Mixeng City by Houshan tunnel, and is one of the real estate closest to the five urban districts.Get on the car this dish, only need five city real estate half of the down payment, is not very enchanted?Great China health valley real shot in general, holding 50,000 to 90,000 yuan down payment, in the Lingui real estate choice space is still very large, and each plate has real estate, housing type area span, buyers can choose for their own real estate and products.Down payment of more than 100 thousand 12 dishes down payment of more than 100 thousand yuan, Lingui has 12 dishes, and more than half from the municipal plate.As you can see, most of these buildings are over 85 square meters in size, and some of them are over 100 square meters in size.These buildings are more to improve the plate, the product type is relatively rich, covering the high-rise, small high-rise, large flat layer and houses, is just changed, two groups of “dishes”.Wanda · Guangyu Lake, adjacent to the new two rivers and four lakes, will launch 131-160 square meters of laminated products in the first phase of 2020, with a total price starting from 1 million yuan.Like fold to spell such products, do urban areas, the price directly doubled.So once the product was launched, at that time can be said to have triggered the lingui to improve the trend of property.At present, wanda · Guangyuhu has a small number of small high-rise and overlapping products on sale, mainly promoting large flat floor and jump floor products, the price is between 4,800 to 8,500 yuan/square meter, the down payment of 110,000 yuan.Wanda · Guang Yu Lake jump layer housing map comprehensive, first set of down payment, lingui’s vast majority of real estate can see, and housing can consider more than 100 square meters of large housing, more suitable for a family of three or even a family of four self-living buyers.In the end, Lingui is very attractive to buyers with limited cash but who want to settle down in Guilin.First of all, lingui, as the New Area of Guilin, has undergone earth-shaking changes in its urban appearance after decades of development.The permanent resident population that faces GUI changed much, city builds form a complete set to also catch up with, school is put into use one after another, shopping mall becomes lively, take modern city model initially.Next, no matter be guilin this earth house enterprise, still be national house enterprise, a lot of choice place lingui, real estate is much, product also is rich, no matter be just need or improve, can find suitable product in Lingui.Finally, face GUI great majority real estate price is in “5 word head”, this to just need and just change guest group, it is quite “close people”, pocket is shy, also can face GUI has a house that belongs to oneself.If you have 100,000 yuan down payment, will you buy a house in Lingui?Guilin all media marketing platform content production center author | small jia ye Guilin original release, unauthorized prohibit reprint!