Kunshan has successfully established the “four good Rural roads” national demonstration county

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On January 28, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the National Rural Development Administration announced the results of 2021 national demonstration of “Four Good Rural Roads”, and Kunshan was awarded the title of national demonstration county of “Four Good Rural Roads” for the first time.In recent years, kunshan, in the process of building a national demonstration county of “Four good Rural roads”, has adhered to high standards of construction, overall planning at a high level, highlighting planning guidance, strengthening quality management, and weaving a dense rural road access network.Promote the integrated reform, complete the comprehensive law enforcement reform, check the risks and hidden dangers of agricultural roads, build a scientific and efficient management system;Implement fine maintenance, deepen maintenance system reform, strengthen technical innovation, boost the upgrade of agricultural road;Provide equal services, build urban and rural passenger transport “access network”, extend the rural public transport “service chain”, create a smart logistics “ecosystem”, achieve universal benefits and sharing of rural road operation;To improve high-quality travel experience, to create a “Kunyun Avenue” brand rural road with the characteristics of the southern water town and Kunshan culture, and vigorously promote the three-year creation of “Beautiful Rural Road”, and actively implement the “beautiful town and village” project.By the end of 2021, the total mileage of rural roads in Zhuhai has reached 1202.044 kilometers, 1,351 Bridges, 266.912 kilometers of county roads, 395.715 kilometers of township roads, and 539.417 kilometers of village roads.The rate of good roads in county roads was 96.1%, and MQI value was 92.2.The rate of good roads in rural areas was 91.3%, and the MQI value was 91.2., the highway transportation said left to build a harp, director of the career development center, next to the successful creation as an opportunity to deepen “four good rural road construction, service development strategy of rural revitalization, the people satisfied with the traffic construction, enhance the level of integrated service and achieve rural highway by the” quality project “to the” quality project “and” quality engineering “,Ensure that transport development is at the forefront of the new journey.Melt press | Lv Ke for figure | edit | shen ying lu family responsibility