Focusing on the psychological and emotional topics of concern to young groups, “Pujiang Mind Meeting room” opened

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“I always feel nervous in social situations. What should I do?””Does social fear need treatment?I just like to stay at home alone. “” I envy those who are good at social work. How can they change from social fear to social work?”…Do you have the same confusion in your heart?On February 19, a lecture on “What kind of social interaction do we need” was held at the flagship store of Duoyun Academy on the 52nd floor of Shanghai Center. The speakers were experts from the Shanghai Mental Health Center, also known to Shanghai citizens as “600”.They offer solutions to social and terror issues that young people are most concerned about, bringing warm “spiritual prescriptions”.This lecture also opened the prologue of “Pujiang Mind Meeting Room” series.”Pujiang mind lounge” series of popular science lectures is century cloud and, together with Shanghai mental health center activities, invite the director of the Shanghai mental health center of physicians, senior experts such as counseling and therapists, social hot topics and young people care about the psychological problems, in the form of a relaxed conversation unriddling for the reader, popularize knowledge of mental and psychological health,The method of regulating mood and maintaining good mental state is taught to arouse the attention of readers to mental health.Around the hot topic of the first activity, Li Li, senior psychotherapist of Shanghai Mental Health Center, and Qiao Ying, deputy chief physician, had a conversation.”Facing the start of school after a long holiday, the thought of meeting classmates and teachers can be stressful.””I always prepare well for speeches when no one else is around. I can’t speak in front of people, and my hands turn red and shake.””How can you tell if you are a social terrorist?”…In the face of these problems, experts talk about mental health knowledge to readers in a humorous way.It is reported that the “Pujiang Mind Meeting Room” plans to hold eight activities this year, focusing on emotional topics of concern to young groups, including inner scroll, general xin male/female, EMO (emotional instability, depression, decadence), social animal/social death, Versailles, bar spirit, giant baby and so on.An art exhibition on spiritual and mental health will follow, organizers said.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: