“Army Red” is dyed with “Spring red” : the red landmark reflects home and country concentric

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Xinhua News Agency Nanchang, February 4 (reporter Lai Xing)The Spring Festival holiday, nanchang August 1 uprising memorial hall of strong flavor, many citizens came to visit the family “evoke millions of workers and peasants – red slogan special exhibition”, some of them rubbing red slogan, some of the improvisation of New Year’s message, at the time of ringing out the old feeling red heart, happiness origin.”This exhibition is a real sight to see. The combination of red culture and cultural and creative experience brings out the best in each other. It is particularly meaningful to take children to celebrate such a Spring Festival.Jiang Wenyan, a teacher at Zhushi School in Nanchang, took her children to create a message that reads, “There is love in your heart and love in your home. This prosperous world is as you wish.”Mr. Sun, who lives in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province, specially drove to nanchang August 1 uprising memorial to visit.”The slogans we see today are precious red resources, from which we can feel a charm that transcends time and space.”Mr. Sun believes that red cultural creation is an extension of the educational and service functions of the Revolutionary Memorial Hall. People can not only feel the connotation of red culture, but also take their works home to experience and share.It is reported that the exhibition is divided into four parts: “Mobilization of revolution”, “armed struggle”, “Construction of Soviet Areas” and “protection and utilization”, and selected to display more than 200 representative precious red slogans and cultural relics exhibits more than 20 pieces.Since opening to the public for free in 2008, the August 1 Uprising Memorial Hall in Nanchang has received 1.8 million visitors annually.”We have been committed to excavating the red collection of cultural relics and developing cultural and creative products, hoping to use red products as a link to remind people of the great revolutionary spirit.””Said zhou Tian, the narrator.Source: Xinhua