How happy?Chery QQ ice cream is more happy than you can imagine

2022-05-01 0 By

With the improvement of people’s spiritual needs, more and more attention is paid to the emotional value of cars when buying a car. Therefore, more and more cars are integrated into the design process of new design trends.Chery QQ ice cream is one of them.Billed as a “big Happy toy,” the car is happier than you can imagine.Chery QQ ice cream positioning is happy MINI SUV, how happy?From the price point of view, just imagine that you can buy a big toy that can legally go on the road and be licensed at the price of 30,000 or 40,000 yuan. Compared with other products at the same level, you can get better product experience at a similar price. Is it a profit?Are you having fun?In fact, the ta’s exterior and interior are happy attributes.In terms of appearance design, the smiling LED headlights look silly and lovely, and the waist line with strong three-dimensional sense on the side looks like a smiling face carefully. The taillight adopts U-shaped design, and the 360° smile design makes every side you see welcome with a smiling face.At the same time, 7 different color schemes show different charm. Can you not be happy to see such cars every day?As for ta’s interior, I feel comfortable will make people happy, in this regard, Chery QQ ice cream can be quite perfect, first of all, the interior design is simple, minimalist style looks very refreshing;The steering wheel is ergonomic, which can reduce the pressure of the wrist. The door also has the position of supporting elbow, so the design is very humanized.In terms of seats, TA material is very intimate, using maternal and infant antibacterial ecological environmental protection materials, children do not have to worry about licking;The internal central control department specially set up a place to place the mobile phone, very intimate.In addition,MINI itself is a kind of happiness, the characteristics of MINI is small and light, imagine that others can not pass the narrow lane you can pass, others can not stop the car you can stop, the mood of natural happiness.Therefore, Chery QQ ice cream really deserves the title of “happy big toy”, don’t you think?Can it be your big happy toy?