Eight Chinese girls in Australia were severely punished!Was exposed by the Australian media

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News Corp Australia reported that a Chinese female student from UNSW was fined $13,400 after working at a major Sydney hospital for eight months without a medical qualification.Zhin Sin Lee landed an internship at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital in January 2020.In fact, she failed her final exams at UNSW and was not qualified to practice medicine.It took 126 shifts before the hospital realised ms Lee, 27, was not qualified and fired her in August last year.On October 21, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority accused Ms Li, from Zetland, of claiming she could practice medicine without being registered.Judge Glenn Bartley said Ms. Lee was “very aware” that she could not work at a hospital.When she failed her first exam in October 2019, she voluntarily turned down the same job offer.After several meetings with UNSW, she decided to apply again for the same medical internship after completing her course the following year, but she still failed the exams in the six core subjects.The court heard that Lee did not withdraw her application this time and was offered an internship by the NSW Health Department on December 1 last year.Ms. Lee said she was a graduate intern, but Bartley said “that was not the case” and that she “took advantage of a loophole in the system.”Ms. Li was told in December 2020 that she had to register to get the internship.She was placed on an internship at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital and accepted the position on 22 December.”When she signed, she claimed she was qualified to practice,” Bartley said.Ms. Lee started her internship on Jan. 18, 2020, and worked a total of 126 shifts before she was exposed on Aug. 9.News Corp Australia reported that Lee was removed from her internship in her second month because she was “incompetent” and became a part-time intern to help out when needed.The court heard that in April 2021, Ms Lee submitted an AHPRA appraisal form with the registration number column blank.Bartley said, “She worked shifts day after day for false reasons…It was intentional, she knew she had deceived the hospital, she knew she was not qualified to work in a public hospital.”In June of that year, she submitted an “AHPRA Evaluation Form” again with her registration number blank.In August, when her supervising doctor asked her if she was registered, she lied that she was waiting for paperwork from the NSW Health Department.Only later did she admit that she had not finished school.Bartley said: “She lied time and time again and was paid without a medical qualification.”Ms. Lee pleaded guilty in The Downing Centre District Court in Sydney in December.She appeared in the court on Thursday.Erin Hoile, representing AHPRA, said they were seeking a $3,400 professional services fee, adding “it was a very egregious act” and “what she did was deliberate and dishonest”.Defence lawyer Razia Shafiq said that one month into her internship, Ms Lee’s name was removed from the intern roster and she was made a senior assistant, but that she had deliberately committed “serious crimes”.But Bartley assailed that any mistakes could have “the worst consequences.”Ms Lee never submitted a registration number and the hospital could not find the information on any form, the court heard.The court said Ms. Lee was “aware” of the risk she posed to patients and other employees.Ms Lee was found guilty and fined A $10,000 and required to pay AHPRA a $3,400 for professional services.She was also sentenced to two years in prison, but only in the community.