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There is such a place, located in the most prosperous area of Changsha, its name is liberation West.There are seven shopping malls, nearly 2,500 shops, 30 bars and clubs, and 1,300 hotels and guesthouses in the 1.21-square-kilometer area.Here the population flow is large, unstable factors are many, every day in all kinds of civil disputes, public security cases, and the maintenance of the stability of this party, it is this TIME I want to talk with you, a magical place to observe the world – Pozi Street police station.Pozijie police Station is subordinate to Tianxin Branch of Changsha Public Security Bureau. It is located in Wuyi Business District, the most prosperous area of Changsha, and it is also one of the police stations with the largest number of policemen dispatched in Changsha.The documentary “Guarding liberation West” is based on the pozi Street police station as the core of the characters, showing the daily work of the city police.”Guarding the Liberation of the West” was quietly released on Bilibili in 2019. Once it was released, it flooded the whole Internet, with ratings on Douban soaring by 8.6. The second and third season was followed by numerous positive comments.Some phenomenon behaviors have also become popular among netizens. For example, every time police find a suspect, almost every person’s first sentence is “What’s wrong with me?”The scene was dubbed “a big What happened to me” by netizens.When each suspect is brought into the interrogation room, the chair he sits on is also called “regret chair” by netizens, because once sitting on this chair, it shows that the police have mastered the evidence, no matter how cunning the prisoner can only confess.When I was a child, we were full of awe of the police profession, they are silently guarding the city, the country’s heroes, but what are they like in the work?We don’t know.Until “Guarding the Liberation of the West” appeared, the program set up a film team of more than 40 people to enter the police station, 24 hours in turn with the police shooting, a total of 776 times of shooting police, and strive to restore the most real police station from multiple angles and all-round.In the program, we see the most real police work life, different from the criminal investigation drama, it is more trivial, bizarre.Over the course of these seasons, a number of cases have been referred to as “celebrity scenes” because of their common quality of “effortless capture.”Among them, when the police check the monitoring, the suspect just came up to watch the lively was captured by a second “watch the lively white to”;There are also police to ask the way, just found that the passer-by is the suspect “passer-by white”;There are also to the police station to pretend to handle affairs to inquire about the police, was found to be drug users “door white”.Behind this seeming coincidence are the police’s sharp observation and quick execution, as well as their efforts in early investigations where we can’t see them.”Guarding the Liberation of the West” is different from the previous “lofty” police propaganda, positioning in the “small incision”, showing a more down-to-earth, more human image of the people’s police.Here, in addition to some need to arrest, nervous stimulation of criminal cases, more is the need for the police to adjust the civil disputes.Here will see the unilateral breakup of the hard persistent emotional disputes, will also see the primary school police fight with her sister, let a person laugh and cry family dispute.In the current hot broadcast of the third season, but also a new dream linkage – Luo Xiang teacher’s small class.According to him oneself divulge, he is hunan person, have a kind of hometown sentiment more to changsha liberation west.He has watched previous shows and found that many people make such irreversible mistakes due to a lack of legal awareness.He also hopes that young people watching the show will not just laugh, but will see the cases reflected in the show themselves and understand which boundaries in reality should not be touched.Just as Luo xiang tried to educate the public from the source of the crime, we will see the police use another method of education during the interrogation.After a lot of suspects in the interrogation will appear a confession, even produced the idea of suicide, perhaps, in our opinion, criminal means there is no hope and the future, but at this time the police will still be patient education, “mistakes and accept mistakes as a result, you are young, then there will be big life, later day must be a law-abiding people, live”.Also confirmed the bullet screen in the moving sentence “they save lives also save hearts.”With a sound and a sound pozi street police office hall rang “Ding Dong, there is a new police situation, please check!”Large and small, all kinds of strange case emerge in endlessly, the most prosperous urban core in this circle, every night will alarm peak, we poking fun at “are there any new catches you order”, “catch” will continue to service for you at the same time also don’t forget that they are on duty night, perhaps even the rice was too busy to eat.Also hope this kind of “orders” will be less and less, thank them for watching over us, hats off to the police.Thank you for listening to Ewha Theater. This program is produced by Ewha Education System. I’m Zhao Lingxi, anchor of Ewha Sound Research and Training Institute.