Beijing Haidian Court held a public hearing on the case of robbing and excavating ancient tombs

2022-05-01 0 By

Chinese court network news (Zhou Yuhang) on suspicion of excavating ancient tombs, Li Mou he and other 13 people were prosecuted to the court.The haidian District People’s Court in Beijing recently held an open hearing on the case of robbing and excavating ancient tombs.The prosecution alleges that from December 2020 to February 2021, the defendant Li Mou he, Wang Mou qi premeditated in advance, by the above two people and the defendant Li Mou Hong to a hillside in Haidian District investigation, through the site terrain, architectural debris and other judgment may exist in the Ming and Qing dynasty ancient tombs.After the defendant wang mou flag, li mou river organization staff to implement on criminal activities involving pirate excavations, robberies, near the site of li mou red, such as five people to the site near stolen digging hole, the defendant Yang is responsible for the delivery of the above personnel to the scene, such as the defendant wang qing four people responsible for on-site surrounding a lookout, the defendant li mou cover for stolen dig provide tools, clothing, intercom, etc.By the time of capture, the scene has been hit the hole and tunnel.According to the law, the above holes were not buried in ancient tombs, but there were ancient tombs in the Ming Dynasty in the history of the area.Thirteen defendants were arrested by the public security organs, the defendant Li Mou he and others truthfully confessed the above criminal facts.The procuratorial organ believes that the defendant Li Mou he and other 13 people robbing and digging ancient tombs of historical value, should be punished for the crime of robbing and digging ancient tombs.If the defendant has already committed a crime and fails to do so due to reasons other than his will, the case constitutes an attempted crime and the punishment may be mitigated.The defendant Li Mou he and others truthfully confessed their crimes, may be given a lighter punishment.During the trial, the defendants had no objection to the charges and facts of the crime charged by the procuratorial organ, and pleaded guilty.The case will be sentenced at a later date.