324.22 points!Jia Zongyang mistake, China missed the gold medal!Team USA won the championship with a perfect performance!

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The final of the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team event took place at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 10, Beijing time.China ranked first in the first round with 336.89 points to advance to the final, along with the United States, Canada and Switzerland in the second round of the final.In the end, The Chinese team missed out on the gold medal, while the American team won the championship with perfect performance.In the final, Switzerland’s Bell took the lead, making a mistake with her first move and scoring 57.01 points.Switzerland’s second entry, Werner, finished well, scoring 109 points.Rotter, Switzerland’s third starter, scored 110.00 points for a team total of 276.01.Tylenol, who also made a mistake with her first move for Canada, scored 62.74 points.Fontaine, 16, had 116.48 points and Canada had 179.22 after two dives.Canada’s third starter was Owen, who scored 111.76 points to set the team’s overall score at 290.98.First up for the U.S. was Caldwell, who had a good aerial stance but missed her landing and scored 88.86 points.Lillis, the second contestant on the U.S. team, scored 135.00 points after completing the 5.0 difficulty.The third American was Schoenfeld, his posture and landing performance was very solid overall, scored 114.48 points, the United States at 338.34 points.China will lead off with Xu Mengtao in Back full-full in difficulty of 4.293.Xu’s routine was perfect, with a slightly flawed landing, and she scored 106.03 points.Next up for China was Jia Zongyang, who was excellent in the air but made a huge landing error and scored just 96.02 points, leaving China 21 points behind the US after two rounds.The third player for China was Qi Guangpu, whose routine was excellent, scoring 122.17 points for a total of 324.22 for China.China took the silver with 324.22 points, while the United States took the gold with 338.34 points. Canada took the bronze and Switzerland finished fourth.