Year of the Tiger working day!Practice together!

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In February, spring dawned in jiangcheng,Without feeling languidness airborne fensheng recently held the second “of yuan cup” military sports activities based on profound spiritual and cultural lineage ii background dig hero Sun Zhanyuan, jun-qing liu, GeHongChen martyrs strive to build “of yuan” brand series of descendants cultural incentive soldiers heroic hero a dagger, please follow the below small make up the banner of the lens to soak up the movement to firing feast together 4 *The 600-meter relay race staggered, orderly progress “bang!”As a gunshot 600 m athlete on the pitch like arrows were strong who dare to struggle and sweat on the pitch and the glory of victory is not only one of a group of people trying to crystallization, closely united together to win the game athletes spirit of solidarity is bring about more than speed, spell is endurance 4 * 100 meters turn tires players all bases the strength,One can not stop at the end of the line, began to accelerate is to surpass the opponent, but also beyond their own will in the blood burst endurance in the tenacious beyond honor before the bitter again tired also insist that this is the true colors of soldiers ▲ all are tire turning small expert ▲ a second stop,Accelerating bring leggings vigorously the miracle of 50 meters in groups of seven team competition is fierce to officers and men side by side, in conjunction with the tacit understanding hand Mr To “fly” to the finish line fevered interest of competitive sports activities colorful event a then a cheering, his with everybody, try to overtake each other in scrum bring steps bring sprint to the finish,All extreme physical fitness is limit the ministry traditional sports project in groups of seven athletes, heavily armed successively completed transport ammunition, collaborative cart emergency evacuation test subjects such as the ability to temper the winning skills to bring about battlefield winner goes forward desperately bring both together tai shan shift cheers, chants to break out the hot spot,Today I am the champion of the arena!Roar and kill through the sky chariots roar and bullets roar and cooperate tomorrow I will be victorious on the field of battle!