The sixty-fourth interpretation of Jin Ping Mei

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The first time I wrote that Li Pinger was encoffined, the family feast on the second day of the first seven days lasted until about five watch.Dai Ann took a large pot of wine and several dishes of rice and went to the shop to find someone to drink. Fu became sleepy and Chen Jingji stopped coming, so they had to eat all the wine with Ping An.There was a long conversation between Dai, who was secretly eating wine, and Fu, who was commenting on the concubines.The beginning of the conversation was put forward by Buddy Fu.Fu said: “you six niang is gone, this coffin prayer sent, but also enough for him.”If you look at people’s deaths, if they are not close relatives, they are basically based on what is good to send, what is the funeral banquet, there is no sorrow at all.”Dream of red Mansions” jia mother’s big servant girl Yuanyang in jia mother’s funeral when hanged, Mrs. Wang called her sister-in-law came in, in the old lady rewarded her sister-in-law one hundred and twenty silver, also said the yuanyang all things are rewarded them.You see her sister-in-law yuanyang bow her head, but like to say: “Really our girl is ambitious, has a good fortune, and has won a good reputation, and is good.”A young girl less than 20 years old, in order to avoid jia Forgive in jia mother’s death after her forced marriage, hanged herself, her sister-in-law unexpectedly because of “good send” and happy (previously guessed, yuanyang’s brother is estimated to be such a happy mood).All right, let’s go back and see how Dai Says what Fu says.Dai Ann is xi Menqing’s personal boy, he is most familiar with the west door house of all kinds of things, each character.He told Fu that Li Pinger had good luck but did not live a long life, and that Ximen Qing’s grief after Li Pinger’s death was all about money.Pinger has a good temper, Jinlian a bad temper, and aunt (Moon niang) is also “MAO Si fire son”.These people “are not as good as Liu Niang, ten thousand people have no complaints.”You see, Li Pinger is the best in the eyes of the next person, just because she cares for the people, all the people have her good.Ximen Qing and Dai said that Ximen Qing is really because of money to the death of Li Bottle son show so sad?I don’t think so.Li Pinger is beautiful and white.You see, after The death of Pinger, Ximen Qing hooked up with guan Ge’s wet nurse, which was also in love with her baijing, and was compared with Pinger.Ximen Qing said to Ruyi er, “My son, you dada don’t love anything but you, just like your mother.”(No. 75) The words of Ximen Qing, “You do a good job with the white skin,” also said to Li Pinger.Therefore, I could not believe the words of Dai Ann. After all, he was a servant. Although he was ximenqing’s personal servant, his perspective on the problem was very different.In other words, it might have been That Dai was “in love with money” because she was dead and no longer able to benefit from her.When Li Pinger died, Ximenqing often slept in front of her, and yuxiao, the big servant girl in the moon maid’s house, made up the bed, which provided an opportunity for her and her boy to “laugh at each other”.The jade xiao is the month niang’s close servant girl, the author arranges so, is in the sin month niang, says its family style is not strict.On that day, Ximenqing went to sleep in the upper room, so Yuxiao secretly went out and made an appointment with the bookboy and went to work in his study in the garden.Unfortunately Pan Jinlian rises to look for a bookboy to take bai Juan to do filial piety skirt to Pan Grandma, then jade xiao and bookboy affair incident.Ximen qing is born when add official, jade xiao and bookboy begin to have private, so far return bottle son to die, 2 people affair hair, the author still quite have chapter law.When they were caught, the bookboy stole a lot of things and tricked Fu into spending two hundred silver in his shop, so he went to his hometown in Suzhou.That jade xiao was called to the room by Pan Jinlian, “kneel by three chapters about” : the first, your niang room, but every size thing, to tell me to say.If you don’t tell me, I’ll find out.The second thing is, when I ask you what you want, you bring it to me.Third, your mother was never pregnant, and now he is?From these three chapters about, this is Pan Jinlian in Wu Niang room to place eyes and ears, in order to prepare for the fight for favor.Yuxiao first told Jinlian the third of the three chapters, and said, “Let’s not hide from the fifth niang that my mother did this after eating Uncle Xue’s medicine.”The same is true of the golden lotus. That’s the story.On the second day of yu Xiao kneeling by three chapters about Li Pinger’s first seven, xue and Liu, two eunuchs, came to worship.Eunuch Xue arrived first, offered incense to the corpse, and then paid tribute to Ximen. “If your wife is seriously ill,” he asked.Then he looked at Li Ping’s coffin and praised it.With Wu big uncle know: Xue eunuch: “this elder brother that can talk, excuse me top surname?”Ximen qing way: “this is wife elder brother Wu elder brother, see ju this wei thousand household’s post.”Eunuch Xue said, “Is this the lady’s brother?”Ximen Qing said, “No.He is the brother of bitthorn.”From the last return book we know, Ximen qing grief, is to see Li bottle son for his wife, in filial piety, he wants to write “jing woman election died”, jing woman is the meaning of his wife.On the coffin, he would write “Seal the coffin of Li’s family with gong ren, a high official’s wife.”These are count should because wu Yueniang is still in this reason to persuade to change.Here Xue eunuch came to say “such as lady”, and by Wu Uncle to confirm the identity of Li Ping son is concubine, make Ximen Qing heart certainly not happy.At the end of the last time, Xi Menqing told the troupe that they would stay and entertain eunuch Xue and Liu the next day. However, the eunuch didn’t like the haiyan opera. Eunuch Xue said, “That’s a pretty voice, ha la!Every time that sour Boy spent three years in misery under a cold window, traveling for nine years, he came to Beijing with his harp, sword and bookcase on his back and accepted an official post. He had no wife and no children at his side, so he longed for people like him.He satirized foreign officials (literati) who liked haiyan opera.Make the present wen xiucai also embarrassed.When Eunuch Liu arrived, they talked about government and scolded CAI Jing for being an old thief. Didn’t they know that Ximen Qing was CAI Jing’s adopted son?I guess I did. I just got it right.Ximen qing heart will be more uncomfortable.”Golden Plum” in the banquet of the two people eat until sunset before leaving, the Year of the Celebration of the West door left Wu Dajiu and others to eat wine, continue to listen to the last time sing “Jade Ring”, and criticized the eunuch just left, said: “in the family do not know the taste of the South opera”.This is to the two eunuchs to worship the performance of dissatisfaction.Children add official bookboy, bottle son died bookboy to.Each part of Jin Ping Mei has its own rules, which cannot be skipped.Pictures from the network, if any infringement, informed to delete.